Luna Park’s Favorites for 2017

Between work and play, 2017 was an exceptionally busy year. I was fortunate to be able to revisit New Orleans, Berlin and Munich this year. New to me destinations included Mexico City, Detroit, Syracuse and Rochester! Click through for my graffiti, street art and ad takeover photo highlights from 2017…

top 60 for 2017

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On the Roof of Mexico City’s MUJAM


A work trip brought me to Mexico City earlier this year, where I made a beeline for the weird & wonderful toy museum, El Museo del Juguete Antiguo México (MUJAM). The interior of the building houses an impressively comprehensive collection of vintage toys. Spread over multiple floors, the collection is sure to delight and strike a nostalgic chord with all ages. The exterior of the building is just as fabulous, with almost every available surface covered in murals. But no visit is complete without a stop on the marvelous rooftop. Here’s some of what I saw.


alegria del prado







alina kiliwa



fede kane

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Munich’s Positive-Propaganda

With my employer’s headquarters based in Munich, I regularly make trips to the Bavarian capital. Though I’m there for work, I always make time to take in some of the local sights. On a visit in September 2014, I was delighted to come across a giant wall by the Berlin-based artist, Kripoe. It was a perfectly serendipitous moment: bleary-eyed, jetlagged and rushing to work for an early morning continuing education session, this wall greeted me as I stepped off the tram outside the office.

kripoe [Read more: Kripoe for Positive-Propaganda]

With a little digging, I discovered this wall was a 2012 joint initiative between Amnesty International and the Munich-based non-profit arts association, Positive-Propaganda, who are “dedicated to establishing contemporary and socio-political art in urban spaces”. Amazingly, they had been able to convince the notoriously aloof artist to paint his first legal wall, titled “Hände hoch für Waffenkontrollel!” (“Hands Up For Gun Control”).

Around the corner, also on the grounds of the Schwere Reiter art center, I came across another Positive-Propaganda wall by the Spanish artist Aryz.

aryz [Read more: Aryz for Positive-Propaganda]

After an absence of two years, I returned to Munich in November 2016 for a 3-day software training. With only a Sunday afternoon of free time at my disposal, I hit the ground running, determined to see the walls Positive-Propaganda had helped produce since my last visit. With walls by Blu, Escif, Ericailcane, and Shepard Fairey, the organization had managed to attract some of the most socially conscious artists active on the streets to their cause. No mean feat in an era of increasingly vapid and purely decorative mural festivals…

blu [Read more: Blu for Positive-Propaganda]

escif [Read more: Escif for Positive-Propaganda]

ericailcane [Read more: Ericailcane for Positive-Propaganda]

obey paint it black [Read more: Shepard Fairey for Positive-Propaganda]

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London Street Art & Graffiti RoundUp

Who would have guessed that bringing out a book would impact one’s ability to edit photos on time?! I’m finally caught up with photos from some trips from last year.

First up is a set from a two-week visit to London in July 2016. Many thanks to Mark, Dave, Alex and Remi for their hospitality.

Featuring work by Mad C, Mr. Cenz, Roa, Space Invader, Pejac, Cept, Felipe Pantone, Jana & JS, Mobstr, Dan Witz, C215, Fanakapan, Aida Wilde, Faith47, Jonesy, Phlegm, Banksy, Ben Eine, Sweet Toof, Paul Insect, Smells, Onesto, Oker, Zezao, Dscreet, Dmote, Edwin, Sony, Rowdy, Gerno, Goodchild, 2rise, Roids, SatOne, Jordan Seiler, Conor Harrington, Shok1, Remi/Rough, Toasters, Reka, Findac, Stinkfish, Wrdsmth, Alo, Steve Powers…

If you enjoy my photos, may I suggest you pick up a copy of my book? ;p

Interview on Vice & Weekend Activities


Many thanks to the inimitable Ray Mock for this interview with me about my book on Vice: The Impossible Quest to Catalog a Decade of NYC Street Art. I’ve also updated the list of where to buy (Un)Sanctioned: The Art on New York Streets.

After you’ve read the interview, show Ray some love and pick up one of his zines.

Due to last minute changes, the Ad Hoc Art 10 Year Anniversary show is closing early. Please check Ad Hoc Art for more information.

Interview on Brooklyn Street Art


Head over to Brooklyn Street Art for an interview about my new book, (Un)Sanctioned: The Art on New York Streets, and my thoughts on photographing street art and graffiti.

I’d be happy to continue the conversation with you in person at my book launch this Saturday, October 22! A limited supply of books will be on sale for a special book launch price.

Book Launch & Ad Hoc Art 10 Year Anniversary Show:
October 22, 2016, 6:00-10:00pm
17 Frost Theater of the Arts, 17 Frost Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Much love to Steve and Jaime for the support!

Announcing… (Un)Sanctioned: The Art on New York Streets

Layout 1I’m very proud to announce my first book, (Un)Sanctioned: The Art on New York Streets, the culmination of a decade of obsessively keeping up with NYC graffiti and street art. (Un)Sanctioned presents a photographic overview of art found on NYC streets, covering a vast spectrum of styles, mediums and techniques, running the gamut from illicit handstyles to guerilla sculptural installations to full-blown production murals done with permission. The 192 page hardcover volume, published by the UK’s Carpet Bombing Culture, is set to be released October 28. (Un)Sanctioned includes an introduction by art critic Hrag Vartanian, an essay by yours truly, and contributions from artists Elbow-Toe, Leon Reid IV, Jordan Seiler, Garrison and Alison Buxton, and Fade.

big-adhoc-xA book launch and signing will take place in conjunction with the 10 Years of Ad Hoc Art anniversary exhibition at 17 Frost Gallery on October 22.

(Un)Sanctioned: The Art on New York Streets
Release date: October 28, 2016
Publisher: Carpet Bombing Culture
ISBN: 978-1-908211-33-0
Price: $29.95

Book Launch: October 22, 2016, 6:00-10:00pm
Location: 17 Frost Theater of the Arts, 17 Frost Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Luna Park’s Favorites for 2015

For me personally 2015 marked a year when things got real and everything – including documenting street art & graffiti and most definitely blogging – was put on the back burner. Nevertheless here’s a small selection of artworks, places and moments that resonated with me this year.

top 40 for 2015

My thanks and gratitude for all the love and support these past months…

Concrete to Data at the Steinberg Museum of Art

Smells x Cash4 (photo by Luna Park)
Smells x Cash4 (photo by Luna Park)

I’m pleased to be exhibiting a series of rooftops photographed from the J/M/Z line at the upcoming Concrete to Data – An Evolution of Street Art & Graffiti in the Digital Age show, opening at the Steinberg Museum of Art on LIU’s Post campus on January 26th with a public reception scheduled for February 6th.

Curator Ryan Seslow writes, “The emphasis of this exhibition will celebrate the transcending techniques, styles, methods and contexts of generating street art and graffiti. The show will display works from the late 1970’s through today’s new media technologies. The works will range from ephemeral murals to site specific arrangements and installations. Techniques with aerosol paint, stencils, brush application, paste-ups, assemblage, sculpture, photography, video art, GIF animation, virtual reality, documentation and internet technologies are represented. A collaborative public open call for submissions will also be launched.” More info at

Contributors include: General Howe – Cake – Leon Reid IV – Chris Stain – Abe Lincoln Jr. – Luna Park – RJ Rushmore – Martha Cooper – John Fekner – Don Leight – Ryan Seslow – Herb Smith – Henry Chalfant – Monique Spier – ChrisRWK – Lady Pink – Gaia – Swoon – Sebs – Jaime Rojo – Jilly Ballistic – Col Wallnuts – Oyama Enrico Isamu Letter – Hrag Vartanian – Billy Mode – Inspire1 – Yoav Litvin – Katie Yamasaki – Garrison Buxton – Joe Iurato – Adam Void – Caroline Caldwell – EKG – Cash4 – Scott Tongue – Daniel Feral – Encrypted Fills.

Show dates: January 26 – March 21, 2015
Opening reception: Friday, February 6, 2015 – 6:00-9:00pm

Steinberg Museum of Art
LIU Post Campus
Hillwoood Commons, Second Floor
720 Northern Boulevard
Brookville, NY 11548

Museum Spring Hours:
Monday – Friday 9:30 – 4:30
Wednesdays 9:30 – 8:00
Saturdays 11:00 – 3:00