Wastedland 2: The Quest for UFO 907 & The Meaning of It All

UFO 907 (photo by Luna Park)

After a year of touring the United States with his darkly humorous, philosophical fairy tale, filmmaker Andrew H. Shirley brings Wastedland 2 home for it’s NYC premiere and a blowout celebration at Maspeth’s Knockdown Center on September 15. Following hot on the trail of the all-knowing UFO 907, a motley crew of graffiti miscreants band together on a quest to discover the answer to one of the most pressing questions of our time: What’s the point??

The film will be screened within an immersive art installation featuring work by ADAM VOID, Amy Smalls, CASH4, DARKCLOUDS, EKG, George Vidas, Greg Henderson, NOXER, RAMBO, Ryan C. Doyle, SMELLS, UFO 907, William Thomas Porter, and WOLFTITS. Musical performances by CRAIG ANDERSONIC, DIRTYFINGER, DJ DOG DICK, JACER RACER & THE UFHOES, KARMA KIDS, NINJASONIK and more throughout the evening.

When: Friday, September 15 | Opening reception: 7pm-midnight | Screenings: 9pm & 11pm
Where: Knockdown Center, 52-19 Flushing Ave, Maspeth, NY 11378

London Street Art & Graffiti RoundUp

Who would have guessed that bringing out a book would impact one’s ability to edit photos on time?! I’m finally caught up with photos from some trips from last year.

First up is a set from a two-week visit to London in July 2016. Many thanks to Mark, Dave, Alex and Remi for their hospitality.

Featuring work by Mad C, Mr. Cenz, Roa, Space Invader, Pejac, Cept, Felipe Pantone, Jana & JS, Mobstr, Dan Witz, C215, Fanakapan, Aida Wilde, Faith47, Jonesy, Phlegm, Banksy, Ben Eine, Sweet Toof, Paul Insect, Smells, Onesto, Oker, Zezao, Dscreet, Dmote, Edwin, Sony, Rowdy, Gerno, Goodchild, 2rise, Roids, SatOne, Jordan Seiler, Conor Harrington, Shok1, Remi/Rough, Toasters, Reka, Findac, Stinkfish, Wrdsmth, Alo, Steve Powers…

If you enjoy my photos, may I suggest you pick up a copy of my book? ;p

Throwback Thursday: Tilden


While it’s wonderful that MoMA PS1 is bringing it’s art-star-laden Rockaway! exhibition to Fort Tilden this summer, I’d like to point out that Tilden was home to a much more organic, arts movement long before Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc on the Rockaways…

armer have fun and die

are you coulrophobic?




navy8 bugle

taboo dym

runic beast

Triple Play: Sweet Toof

After having visited earlier this year, it seems like London-based artist Sweet Toof is back to take another bite out of New York.

yawn sweettoof keely


sweettoof smells cash4

[Yawn/Sweet Toof/Keely, Sweet Toof, Sweet Toof Smells – all photos (c) Luna Park]

Lots more Sweet Toof on the Street Spot!

Summer is in the Air and on the Roof

Sweet Toof x Nuria x Smells (photo by Luna Park)
Sweet Toof x Nuria x Smells (photo by Luna Park)

This Williamsburg rooftop has taken on a decidedly international flair – Spain’s Nuria rolled out a large, pink geometric form on the roof between the even pinker chompers Britain’s Sweet Toof recently left behind. While other rats thrive all over the city, only the head of Roa’s rat remains. Aones, CS, Goal, Hellbent, Smells and El Celso hold it down for New York.

Sweet Toof x Nuria (photo by Luna Park)
Sweet Toof x Nuria (photo by Luna Park)

On a Roll with Rambo, Sabio, Cash4 and Smells

In the graffiti arsenal, the paint roller is a workhorse. It provides even coverage, laying a foundation for a piece or wiping the slate clean. Add an extender pole to your roller and all manner of otherwise hard-to-reach spots become a possibility. I’m an unabashed fan of blockbuster roller letters with drop shadows, the bigger and more visible, the better. And with a little practice, some unique styles can be worked out of a roller. Lately I’ve been noticing a lot of roller action on vacant billboards along the BQE as well as rooftops along the J/M/Z lines.

Rollers (photo by Luna Park)
Rollers (photo by Luna Park)
Rollers (photo by Luna Park)
Rollers (photo by Luna Park)
Rollers (photo by Luna Park)
Rollers (photo by Luna Park)
Rollers (photo by Luna Park)
Rollers (photo by Luna Park)
Rollers (photo by Luna Park)
Rollers (photo by Luna Park)