Project M/3 in Berlin

Martha Cooper for Project M/3 at Urban Nation Berlin (photo by Luna Park)
Martha Cooper for Project M/3 at Urban Nation Berlin (photo by Luna Park)

After an exhilarating and inspiring week in Berlin, I was very pleased to be on hand to document the third iteration of Urban Nation‘s Project M, curated by Nuart‘s Martyn Reed. I’ll be posting more images from Berlin here on The Street Spot soon, but in the meantime, you can check out some of the installations for Project M/3 over on Brooklyn Street Art.

Representing New York at Nuart

Another New York based artist who is participating in this year’s Brooklyn flavored Nuart Festival in Norway is David Choe. Unlike Darius & Downey, whose work I featured in a previous post, I haven’t seen much street work from David in New York. Not that I’m knocking him, the man is not only mighty talented, he’s also prolific. And he’s got a sick sense of humor – his blog always cracks me up.

The last thing of his I’d seen was the piece he painted for Lazarides’ Outsiders show last September, hence my surprise at spotting these two pieces yesterday:

david choe

david choe

Nuart from Nuyork

This year’s Nuart International Festival of Street Art in Stavanger, Norway focuses on artists from my home borough of Brooklyn. The list of participants is a veritable Who’s Who of New York street artists: Swoon, David Choe, Graffiti Research Lab, Brad Downey, Judith Supine, Leon Reid IV, Chris Stain, Logan Hicks, and Skewville. Anyone want to fly me to Norway between September 10th and October 11th??

In honor of the Brooklyn Special at Nuart, I thought I’d highlight some of the fantastic, past work of the involved artists. First up are Leon Reid IV and Brad Downey, the artists formerly known as Darius and Downey. If you’re not already familiar with their body of work, I can only recommend their entertaining 2008 book, The Adventures of Darius and Downey.

brad downey
Brad Downey, 2006

darius jones
Darius Jones, 2002

pink verbs
Verbs and Downey, 2000

I’m eagerly anticipating seeing photos of installations at the festival. For updates, follow Nuart on Twitter.