Project M/3 in Berlin

Martha Cooper for Project M/3 at Urban Nation Berlin (photo by Luna Park)
Martha Cooper for Project M/3 at Urban Nation Berlin (photo by Luna Park)

After an exhilarating and inspiring week in Berlin, I was very pleased to be on hand to document the third iteration of Urban Nation‘s Project M, curated by Nuart‘s Martyn Reed. I’ll be posting more images from Berlin here on The Street Spot soon, but in the meantime, you can check out some of the installations for Project M/3 over on Brooklyn Street Art.

KLUB7 Is Up To Something

Klub7 at Pandemic Gallery (photo by Luna Park)

KLUB7 – a 10 year old, Berlin-based, art collective focused on collaborative mural and illustration making – has been in New York for less than two weeks, but already their marks can be found in a number of Brooklyn neighborhoods. The group (represented by four of the collective’s six members on this outing) regularly creates intricate chalk installations on sidewalks in public spaces, drawing on their common vocabulary of hand-painted symbols, characters, and lettering. The pier at Coney Island and the Williamsburg Bridge bike path are but two of the locations the collective has hit. You can follow their New York adventures in real time here.

Klub7 at Coney Island (photo by Luna Park)

Of course, their aesthetic is also readily applied to walls, as is the case with this mural, painted on the side of a Williamsburg bakery.

Klub7 in Williamsburg (photo by Luna Park)
Klub7 in Williamsburg (photo by Luna Park)
Klub7 in Williamsburg (photo by Luna Park)

Come see what else KLUB7 have been up to at Pandemic Gallery this Saturday from 7-11pm. The show will feature a signature mural on one of the gallery walls as well as a selection of screen prints and other small works.

Klub7 @ Pandemic Gallery

Thank You For Respecting Paul Richard

For years I have seen Paul Richard’s plaques declaring anything and everything found on the streets of New York to be art for sale (if you have an extra $89,000 burning a hole in your pocket, that “stump, dirt, detrius & mixed media” could be yours!). Peep more of his site specific installations, as well as paintings, on his website, which I love for more reasons than I can list.

I got an even bigger laugh the other day when I saw that his latest project, in which he attempts to protect vandalism from vandalism, had moved to the wall at the corner of Spring & Bowery that has been a point of contention between a few artists lately.


detail shot


And here he is again, “protecting” Dolk in Williamsburg



Also check out this performance piece of him hanging some of his signs around town: