Brian Adam Douglas: How To Disappear Completely

Image (c) Brian Adam Douglas
Image (c) Brian Adam Douglas

I’m super excited for my friend Brian Adam Douglas – you may know him under his street moniker, Elbow-Toe – whose first solo show in New York, How to Disappear Completely, opens at Chelsea’s Andrew Edlin Gallery this Thursday! Do not miss this rare opportunity to view his meticulous, cut paper collages in person.

Brian Adam Douglas: How To Disappear Completely
Opening: Thursday, September 12, 6:00-8:00pm
September 12 – October 26, 2013
Andrew Edlin Gallery
134 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10011
Tel. +1 (212) 206-9723

Young New York: A Silent Art Auction & Fundraiser

Curated by Natalie Trainor & LNY

Auction & Reception: Tuesday, May 29, 2012, 6-10 PM
Auction called at 9 PM

White Box, 329 Broome Street, New York, NY

Featuring Artists: Steven Holl, Steve ESPO Powers, NohJColey, Joe Iurato, Miguel Ovalle, Overunder, Gaia, Rudie Diaz, Marissa Paternoster, Ian Kuali’i, LNY, Blackmath, Doodles, Feral Child, Cake, ND’A, QRST, Sean 9 Lugo, Radical!, C215 from the Vandalog collection, Gilf, Beau Stanton, Rachel Hays, SUE works, Clown Soldier, Jill Cohen, Yulia Pinkusevich, Alyse Dunn, NEVER, Shane Nash, Jesse Hazelip, Sheryo, the YOK, ASVP, Labrona, Then One, Tom Smith, Day Le, Danielle Riechers, Jon Burgerman, Darnell Scott, Nathan Pickett, Joseph Grazi, John Breiner, Anne Grauso, SMURFO, Jamie Bruno, Luna Park, Sam Dylan Gordon, Fay Ku, Michael Bilsborough, NANOOK, Felipe Baeza, Sam Fleichner and more!

More information at

Supporter Tickets: $50.00
General Admission: $25.00

KLUB7 Is Up To Something

Klub7 at Pandemic Gallery (photo by Luna Park)

KLUB7 – a 10 year old, Berlin-based, art collective focused on collaborative mural and illustration making – has been in New York for less than two weeks, but already their marks can be found in a number of Brooklyn neighborhoods. The group (represented by four of the collective’s six members on this outing) regularly creates intricate chalk installations on sidewalks in public spaces, drawing on their common vocabulary of hand-painted symbols, characters, and lettering. The pier at Coney Island and the Williamsburg Bridge bike path are but two of the locations the collective has hit. You can follow their New York adventures in real time here.

Klub7 at Coney Island (photo by Luna Park)

Of course, their aesthetic is also readily applied to walls, as is the case with this mural, painted on the side of a Williamsburg bakery.

Klub7 in Williamsburg (photo by Luna Park)
Klub7 in Williamsburg (photo by Luna Park)
Klub7 in Williamsburg (photo by Luna Park)

Come see what else KLUB7 have been up to at Pandemic Gallery this Saturday from 7-11pm. The show will feature a signature mural on one of the gallery walls as well as a selection of screen prints and other small works.

Klub7 @ Pandemic Gallery

OBLVN at Klughaus Gallery

OBLVN outside the Klughaus Gallery (photo by Luna Park)

Chinatown’s tiny Klughaus Gallery, which opened last December, is NYC’s latest gallery to work “primarily with artists that have roots in graffiti and street culture”. For their fourth show, Klughaus is exhibiting Portland, Oregon-based artist and cartoonist Aaron OBLVN in his East Coast debut. The talented illustrator has created 100 Paintings that cleverly riff on classic cartoon characters. Photos do not do his exquisite line-work justice – these pieces beg to be seen in person. The gallery is open Thursdays through Sundays, so this weekend and next are your last opportunities to catch the show before it closes on April 1st. Do not miss!

OBLVN at Klughaus Gallery (photo by Luna Park)
OBLVN at Klughaus Gallery (photo by Luna Park)

OBLVN: 100 Paintings
On view through April 1, 2012
Klughaus Gallery
47 Monroe Street
New York, NY 10002
F train to East Broadway

Gallery hours:
Thursdays and Fridays from 1-7pm
Saturdays and Sundays from 12-6pm

Preview of H. Veng Smith’s New Work for CAVE Gallery in LA

"A Past Memory of Delft" by H. Veng Smith (photo by Becki Fuller)

On February 11th, New York City based street artists H. Veng Smith and Chris Stain’s new three person show with Taka Sudo will open in LA’s CAVE Gallery. In preparation for the opening, I met with Veng to get a sneak preview of his new works for this show, as well as to find out exactly what is going on in the fantastical scenes depicted on his canvases:

“For my new work in Alternative Occupancy, I’m working with concepts of nature, abstract living spaces and the mix and match of people and animals.  The techniques for my work are more classic then the ideas. The bottom layer is started in a rough opaque manner to build the shadows and lights. Each layer after this is more oily and thinner creating a subtle sense of depth. All my work is painted with oil paint.”

"From the Low to the High" by H. Veng Smith (photo by Becki Fuller)

” ‘From the low to the high’ shows a man holding atop his head an animal from the waters to the sky,showing what one could consider the complex and sometimes  strenuous relationship between man and nature.”

"From the Low to the High" detail by H. Veng Smith (photo by Becki Fuller)
"The Hunters Patience" by H. Veng Smith (photo by Becki Fuller)

“‘The Hunter’s Patience shows a crane searching for food  by fly fishing, adapting techniques from people showing the strength of nature to persevere. At the bottom I’m showing the same surreal suggestion with homes under the water where a new habitat for people could start”.

"The Hunters Patience" detail, by H. Veng Smith (photo by Becki Fuller)
"Fishcatcher" by H. Veng Smith (photo by Becki Fuller)

To see a preview of Chris Stain’s work, check out Brooklyn Street Art’s feature here.

Cassius Fouler’s Unpaid Dues

“Cassius Fouler” is having himself an art opening tonight.

Cassius Fouler
Unpaid Dues
37 Orchard Street (at Hester)
New York, NY 10002
Opening: February 3, 6-9pm
February 3-9, 2012