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An Elbow-Toe Grows in Brooklyn

Elbow-Toe (all photos by Luna Park)

Upon my return from Berlin, I was very pleased to see that Elbow-Toe had emerged from his studio and put up a slew of new pieces in Brooklyn. Fans of the artist will recognize some of the images below as old favorites (and the very astute will also recognize some of the locations from previous installations). But two of the pieces, including this giant, sunflower image, titled A Study In Fecundity, are brand new.

Continuing with the botanical theme, The Eye of Fatima is a new linocut on newsprint.

“The Shack” sees some new action with a piece last seen in Manhattan in 2007.

Last but not least, a phoenix arises out of the ashes of a skull

Let us know in the comments if you spot any other new pieces.