Kripoe x Clint 176 (all photos by Luna Park)

Although the city of Berlin may disagree, Kripoe’s ubiquitous, balled, yellow fist has become an icon of Berlin. From what I’ve seen, which is admittedly only a fraction, there is no spot this cat can’t reach. Ride the S-Bahn across town and you’ll quickly lose count of his many fists, roller skates and shooting stars. And his letters? Funky, fresh and a little weird – just how I like ’em.

Kripoe on a post in the middle of the Spree
Kripoe in front of the Reichstag
Trackside Kripoe front and center
Kripoe am Alexanderplatz
Roller Adams x Kripoe
Anyone x Angst x Kripoe x Moscito x Prolet
Ema Jones x Kripoe x UT x Tomcat et al
Anyone x Kripoe x Angst et al
Broa x Angst X Kripoe

Akim x Kripoe

CBS Über Alles