NO AD App Replaces Ads With Art


I’m super excited to have contributed a few images to free NO AD app from Re+Public (PublicAdCampaign + The Heavy Projects) and the Subway Art Blog. BTW, that’s me and my honey testing the app last week. 🙂 Using augmented reality technology, the app allows users to view curated digital art in place of ads within the NYC subway system. For the next month and a half, works by the following, illustrious group of artists will replace any of the 100 most widely circulating subway platform advertisements:

Adam Amengual – Amy Arbus – Beau Stanton – Caroline Caldwell – Dadi Dreucol – Dal East – Dan Bergeron – Daniel Jefferson – Dr. D – Elizabeth Winnel – Elle – El Tono – Faith 47 – Hugh Lippe – Ian Strange – Icy and Sot – Influenza – Jay Shells – Jeff Stark – Jilly Ballistic – John Fekner – Jon Burgerman – Jordan Seiler – Know Hope – Leon Reid IV – LNY – Logan Hicks – Luna Park – Mario Brotha – Michael Alan – Michael De Feo – Mobstr – Neko – Noxer – Nuria Mora – OX – Pedro Sega – Peter Fuss – Poster Boy – Remi Rough – Ron English – Rone – Saber – Sean Martindale – Sheryo – Skullphone – Stikman – Stormie Mills – Tara McPherson – Tod Seelie – Trap – Vermibus – WK Interact – Work Hard Be Nice

Much like the ads in the subway are constantly updated, the NO AD app will auto update with new content on a regular basis. So what are you waiting for? Next to one-upping PosterBoy and coming up with clever ad takeovers of your own, download the app and (at least virtually) zap those ads!