The Power(s) of Love

Steve Powers: Love Letters for Philadelphia (photo by Becki Fuller)
Steve Powers: Love Letters for Philadelphia (photo by Becki Fuller)

This past weekend I was visiting my brother in Philadelphia, where I was lucky enough to catch a preview of a new mural project underway in the city. Steve Powers (aka Espo), proves that home really is where the heart is, with this ambitious Mural Arts Program collaboration in his native city of Philadelphia. “Love Letters” is a love story both to and from a community, spanning 30-50 walls, rooftops, and billboards along the Market Street El. The narrative unfolds in the style of old Burma Shave ads as riders travel between 46th and 63rd Streets.

Through countless hours of community outreach, meetings, and even a Facebook page, Powers has brought together hundreds of West Philly residents to shape this project by sharing not only their artistic skills, but their insights on love and what the neighborhood means to them.

Stay tuned for updates and information on the opening in September, which I will definitley not be missing.

Know Hope in timelapse

Know Hope was recently in town. He painted in Bushwick, Greenpoint and on the shutters of a little-known place called the Chelsea Hotel:

Os Gemeos are back in town!

6:30pm wednesday

As soon as I heard word that the Os Gemeos had been tapped by Deitch (home of the twin’s stellar exhibition in New York last summer) to paint a mural in place of the Keith Haring tribute, I knew I had to make my way down to the corner of Houston and the Bowery as soon as possible. This is the mural in progress near the end of the second day of painting. I suppose it will take several days to finish and – like the rest of the global street art community – I am on the edge of my seat in anticipation of seeing this completed!