2009 Favorites

The below are my 30 favorites of the year – favorite pieces, moments or shots. Scroll all the way down to view this as a slideshow.

MTA, Los Angeles, CA

psychic faust
Faust, New York, NY

Reader, Brooklyn, NY

armer smells
Armer X Smeller, Brooklyn, NY

msk blockbuster
907 X MSK, Brooklyn, NY

reading the future
Elbow-Toe X Reader, Brooklyn, NY

roa's secret garden
Roa, New York, NY

Vhils, Grottaglie, Italy

el mac & retna buddha
El Mac X Retna, Los Angeles, CA

os gemeos mural detail
Os Gemeos, New York, NY

brooklyn broken crow w/over under
Broken Crow, Brooklyn, NY

heart of darkness
Muk123, Brooklyn, NY

dr.sex * hour
Dr.Sex X Hour, Los Angeles, CA

Banksy, Los Angeles, CA

katsu read
Katsu X Reader, Brooklyn, NY

kills me everytime
Rush X Mutz, Brooklyn, NY

conor harrington from the high line
Conor Harrington, New York, NY

rooftop bear
Gaia, Brooklyn, NY

love from chris stain & armsrock
Chris Stain X Armsrock, Brooklyn, NY

Burning Candy, London, England

just chill
J-Bird, Brooklyn, NY

Caps, Zurich, Switzerland

mister lister
Lister, Brooklyn, NY

combo by david ellis + blu
David Ellis X Blu, Grottaglie, Italy

specter can man
Specter, Brooklyn, NY

Blanco, Brooklyn, NY

odd couple
Veng X Cake, Brooklyn, NY

for you i got daycare money and carfare honey
Espo, Philadelphia, PA

my kinda skyline
Skyline, Brooklyn, NY

message in a bottle
Blu X Ericailcane, Ancona, Italy

Big thanks to Stefan, Jeremy, Till and Peter for all the support!