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Valentine’s Day tops my list of saccharine Hallmark holidays that suck. When my good friend EKG shared his plans to put on a dark, Valentine’s Eve extravaganza, I knew his idea would resonate with many people:

“The EKG♥NYC exhibition installation is a silhouette of an abstraction of our cityscape constructed of everyday objects painted black and orange: a metaphor for human resonance manifested on the corporeal plane and the wafting misty sparking static of the Aetherial Semiotosphere that electrifies the space between the physical and the mental, consisting of an aspirational architecture of spires and grids; a wireframe conglomeration of modular three-dimensional schematics; an energizing iconographic display of orange resonance, wraiths, chimeras, apparitions, projections, illuminations, emanations, vibrations, palpitations, oscillations, transmissions, frequencies, broadcasts, signals, ripples, waves, pulses, blips; an uplifting experience broadcast through radars, tridents, buttons, balloons, stickers, t-shirts, zines, prints, patches, flags, drawings, paintings.”

Sound designer Jefferson Wells will also strike some chords at the opening. Come for the mutant cityscape, stay for the dronecore – it promises to be a very metal way to ring in the weekend.

( ( ( EKG ♥ NYC ) ) )
An All Hallows’ Valentine’s Eve Celebration of Misfit Love, Mutant Science and Aesthetic Rebellion.

Opening: Friday, February 13, 6-10pm
Viewing hours: February 14 & 15, 12-6pm. February 16-28 by appointment.
Location: Skewville Laboratories, 35-18 37th Street (btwn 36th & 35th Aves), Long Island City, Queens, NYC.
Transit: R/M trains to “Steinway” stop; or N/Q trains to “36th Avenue” stop.

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