Berlin’s Freedom Park

Dave the Chimp (photo by Luna Park)

My job unexpectedly took me back to Berlin for a second visit this year and I arrived just in time to experience a flurry of activities in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Berlin Wall being built. I had in fact just gotten off an overnight flight from New York and blearily made my way into the U-Bahn when the transit system ground to a halt at exactly noon on Saturday, August 13th and the entire city paused in remembrance.

A little over a week later at a location alongside the eastern bank of the river Spree, I came across a far more tangible memorial. Theย Freedom Park exhibition features numerous original segments of the Wall, painted by Nunca, Miss Van, Superblast, McBess, Funny Fun, Low Bros, Dave the Chimp, Kouka, Kiddy Citny, Thierry Noir, Chor Boogie, Erika Eiffel, Pius Portmann, Ezra 1, Mij.k.d0 and Jakob Wagner.

Miss Van (photo by Luna Park)
Miss Van (photo by Luna Park)
Nunca (photo by Luna Park)
Thierry Noir (photo by Luna Park)
Chor Boogie (photo by Luna Park)
McBess (photo by Luna Park)
? X Kouka (photo by Luna Park)
Lowbros et al
Superplan (photo by Luna Park)

If you can help clear up any of the artist attributions, please leave a comment. I’ll be posting more favorites from Berlin in the coming days.

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  1. beautiful blog you have here. i liked the mcbess one very much. do you know if this artist David Foox (FOOX) got to participate in this Berlin. I heard he did do a piece of the wall, but I have not been able to find it!

    1. Thanks for the ID, Dude! I did not know there was also a Dude Factory (the event organizer). Funny.

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