Help Pandemic Gallery Get To Paris!

Pandemic (photo by Becki Fuller)
Pandemic (photo by Becki Fuller)

It probably wouldn’t surprise anyone who follows our blog to hear that we love Williamsburg’s Pandemic Gallery. Going to one of their openings can feel like stepping into an updated scene from Beyond The Valley of the Dolls: artists, bikers, rockers, pinatas, models, wigs and leather whips, moms offering trays of cookies…and everyone there is part of the big, happy Pandemic family. And just like in any family, from time to time, help is needed.

Pandemic has the opportunity to go global this October by participating in City Art KonT’ner, a contemporary urban art event specializing in street art, in Paris. But shipping art isn’t cheap, and the gallery needs help with the funding of $7,500 to pay for the rent of the container. Any extra money raised will go towards help the artists themselves to get to the city of lights to share in this amazing experience. Artists involved include: ARMER, BUILDMORE, CELSO, DARKCLOUD, DEUCE SEVEN, JUDITH SUPINE, KEELY, KENJI NAKAYAMA, MATT SIREN, ROYCE BANNON, STIKMAN, SWAMPY, UR NEW YORK, VENG, WRONA

In SUPPORTING Pandemic, you will not only get that warm happy feeling of having done something good, but you will also have GIFTS heaped upon you, based on the size of your donation.

So, break out your piggy banks, make a donation today, and your next shot of tequila at Pandemic is on me!