(Un)Sanctioned: The Art on New York Streets

unsanctioned_amazoncoverFor the last ten years, librarian Luna Park has been “cataloging” the art on NYC streets. She quickly learned that for those that pay attention, the street can provide as much of an arts education as a museum. Ever since NYC banished graffiti from the subway trains, it’s streets have developed into a vast playground for a complex subculture, made up of distinct communities, each with their own hierarchies, values and sets of rules.

(Un)Sanctioned: The Art on New York Streets is the culmination of a decade of obsessively keeping up with NYC graffiti and street art, a time period which saw a seismic shift in the public perception and acceptance of the artform. The public space within which artists operate is fluid, with new boundaries being pushed every day. The streets are teeming with a vast spectrum of (un)sanctioned art, running the gamut from quick, illegal handstyles to full-blown production murals. (Un)Sanctioned includes an introduction by Hrag Vartanian, an essay by the author and texts from Elbow-Toe, Leon Reid IV, Jordan Seiler, Garrison and Alison Buxton, and Fade.

Praise for (Un)Sanctioned: The Art on New York Streets:

“Heavy on New York artists, particularly her favorites and dear friends, the collection captures a splendid offering of the spine tingling pieces of ephemera one could stumble upon here in the last 11 years – if they did the hard work. Expertly collected and selected, this above all is a reflection of one personal journey.”Brooklyn Street Art

“When one observes within the publishing realm a return to general survey books of images of street art (without any mediation between the art and the reader nor intelligence) it is a relief to see appear a book such as this. Its author, Katherine Lorimer alias Luna Park, is a well-known figure in the New York street art scene for more than 10 years. With an obsession to approach public space through the lens of street art, Luna Park – documentarian by profession – has created a true manifest, publishing testimonials and interviews with different participants of street art (Jordan Seiler of Public Ad Campaign or Alison & Garrison Buxton of the Welling Court Mural Project). She examines the evolution of art in the streets of New York and its perception by the public and the art world. The title problematizes and advances muralism particularly as a new advertising form, the creation of large painted walls often coinciding with the promotion of gallery exhibits. (Un)sanctioned is an honest book documenting these works that disappear in the course of cleanings and demolition brought on by the gentrification and homogenization of urbanism. It is truly here, the diversity of the New York landscape, from street collages to discrete modifications by way of graffiti on trucks, facades, palisades and painted store fronts. It is all these artistic manifestations which nourish the city and give it its vital energy. New York, New York!”Graffiti Art Magazine (text translated from the French)

About Luna Park:

kl_bio_imageKatherine “Luna Park” Lorimer is a Brooklyn-based graffiti and street art photographer, curator and librarian. As co-founder and regular contributor to this blog, she is passionate about documenting urban artforms and supportive of all creative endeavors to redefine public space. She has presented her observations on street art at the Brooklyn Museum, New York Public Library and guest lectured for the History & Emergence of Street Art & Graffiti course at Long Island University. Her photographs have been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Release date: October 28, 2016
Publisher: CarpetBombingCulture
ISBN: 978-1-908211-33-0
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192 pages
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