Tagging Up Venice

SAF x Ease x Chiste x Twist One et al (photo by Luna Park)
The Italian city of Venice is something of a living museum, with historic buildings and monuments almost everywhere one looks. I had been warned there was next to no graffiti and had set my expectations on that front low. While it was true that I saw no productions or burners – with the exception of a piece that zipped past on an Trenitalia train on its way out of Venezia Santa Lucia train station – I was surprised to see a lot of tags I recognized, some of which had been running for over 10 years. Within minutes of leaving the train station, I picked up a trail of shiny, silver Twist tags that marked the path to San Marco Square.

Twister (photo by Luna Park)
Twister et al on the Rialto Bridge (photo by Luna Park)
Sticker Spot (photo by Luna Park)
SAF x Twist x Unknown Street Artist (photo by Luna Park)
SAF x Twister (photo by Luna Park)
Chiste x MyMo x Twist x Pet (photo by Luna Park)

Winding my way through the city’s narrow alleyways, I scanned all surfaces as usual. A pedestrian city geared heavily towards tourists, the shutters and gates of Venice’s many shops were a popular target. The astute eye will spot KR and Espo tags.

Espo x KR x Cope2 et al (photo by Luna Park)
Crushed Gate (photo by Luna Park)
Mr. Andre x Espo x KR et al (photo by Luna Park)
Faded Espo (photo by Luna Park)

The duo that makes up UR New York was also well represented on the street.

2esae x Ski (photo by Luna Park)
All City Crew (photo by Luna Park)

So much for there not being any graffiti in Venice.