Interview on Vice & Weekend Activities


Many thanks to the inimitable Ray Mock for this interview with me about my book on Vice: The Impossible Quest to Catalog a Decade of NYC Street Art. I’ve also updated the list of where to buy (Un)Sanctioned: The Art on New York Streets.

After you’ve read the interview, show Ray some love and pick up one of his zines.

Due to last minute changes, the Ad Hoc Art 10 Year Anniversary show is closing early. Please check Ad Hoc Art for more information.

Impressions from 2012 Welling Court

Olek for Welling Court 2012 (photo by Luna Park)

This past weekend’s third iteration of the Welling Court block party, organized by the tireless Alison and Garrison Buxton, was a huge success. The total number of walls now painted in this corner of Astoria has almost reached 100! Here’s a small taste of what went down on Saturday…

Toofly (photo by Luna Park)
Sheryo in action (photo by Luna Park)
Never and The Yok pieces in progress (photo by Luna Park)
Score and Flying Fortress in progress (photo by Luna Park)
Skewville piece in progress (photo by Luna Park)
Chris RWK in action (photo by Luna Park)
Veng in action (photo by Luna Park)
John Fekner & Don Leicht (photo by Luna Park)
Ellis G in the foreground w/Sinned in progress (photo by Luna Park)
Fumero in action (photo by Luna Park)
Taking in Joe Iurato’s finished piece (photo by Luna Park)
SpOne (photo by Luna Park)
Cost, Darkcloud and Keely (photo by Luna Park)
Admiring Chris Stain and Billy Mode’s work (photo by Luna Park)
Cekis (photo by Luna Park)
URNewYork in action (photo by Luna Park)
Cern’s balloons (photo by Luna Park)
Score by night (photo by Luna Park)

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