Preview of H. Veng Smith’s New Work for CAVE Gallery in LA

"A Past Memory of Delft" by H. Veng Smith (photo by Becki Fuller)

On February 11th, New York City based street artists H. Veng Smith and Chris Stain’s new three person show with Taka Sudo will open in LA’s CAVE Gallery. In preparation for the opening, I met with Veng to get a sneak preview of his new works for this show, as well as to find out exactly what is going on in the fantastical scenes depicted on his canvases:

“For my new work in Alternative Occupancy, I’m working with concepts of nature, abstract living spaces and the mix and match of people and animals.  The techniques for my work are more classic then the ideas. The bottom layer is started in a rough opaque manner to build the shadows and lights. Each layer after this is more oily and thinner creating a subtle sense of depth. All my work is painted with oil paint.”

"From the Low to the High" by H. Veng Smith (photo by Becki Fuller)

” ‘From the low to the high’ shows a man holding atop his head an animal from the waters to the sky,showing what one could consider the complex and sometimes  strenuous relationship between man and nature.”

"From the Low to the High" detail by H. Veng Smith (photo by Becki Fuller)
"The Hunters Patience" by H. Veng Smith (photo by Becki Fuller)

“‘The Hunter’s Patience shows a crane searching for food  by fly fishing, adapting techniques from people showing the strength of nature to persevere. At the bottom I’m showing the same surreal suggestion with homes under the water where a new habitat for people could start”.

"The Hunters Patience" detail, by H. Veng Smith (photo by Becki Fuller)
"Fishcatcher" by H. Veng Smith (photo by Becki Fuller)

To see a preview of Chris Stain’s work, check out Brooklyn Street Art’s feature here.