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Salt City Street Art

It appears that all of this snow currently being dumped on NYC has gotten me thinking about my hometown, a place that is well known for it’s crap weather. Growing up in Syracuse, NY, I was fortunate enough to have some really talented writer friends, such as Shone237 and Sake, but it was a rare occasion for outside talent to come through Onondaga county. Yet over the last few years I have been happily surprised to see some internationally renowned names getting up in the Salt City, two out of three with permission and funding, no less.

Back in 2007, Leon Reid (aka Darius Jones, aka VERBS), installed his first legal sculpture right outside of the city court house.


In 2008 Reader made his mark along I-81N


And in the fall of 2010, Steve Powers brought his Love Letter project literally to the bridge between two very different neighborhoods: Armory Square and the Westside.

SP Nothing To Do

SP Fall Leaves

SP Nothing Else Matters

SP I Paid The Bill

So, basically I’m just braggin’ for a city that hasn’t always had a lot to brag about…and encouraging any artist with a good idea (and some talent) to consider applying for a grant from the city of Syracuse’s
Public Art Commission.