C215 Back in Brooklyn

French stencil artist C215 has stopped through Brooklyn en route to Toronto, where he and Logan Hicks have a joint show, Parallel Universe, opening at Show & Tell Gallery on November 6.


My Funny Browntine

Come out to support Abe Lincoln Jr’s latest endeavor – tonight at Last Exit in Brooklyn!

The Boundless Mr. Lister

With every lull in activity on the street, someone I know invariably pronounces NYC street art dead. Ever the contrarian, I’m pleased to report that NYC street art is alive and well! My favorite Australian in New York, the talented Mister Lister, has buffed himself and put up new work on a wall in Brooklyn.

October 2009:

mister lister

November 2008:

nick walker and anthony lister

Doors of Perception

Like most New Yorkers, I’m admittedly obsessed with real estate. If there’s a hole in a fence, I’ll peek through it. If I spy an open door or window, I’ll slow down to take in the view. Seriously, who isn’t curious about how the other 8 million New Yorkers live?!

dan witz... is creepin' me out

Since Dan Witz started putting up his latest series of grates and windows, I’ve found myself looking at real estate in an entirely new way. In the past, I would have ignored a window while scanning a door for stickers and tags, but now I constantly have to remind myself to pay attention to the entire door. Service grates and exhausts on buildings are so ubiquitous, it’s easy to habitually overlook them. Dan’s pieces blend so well, they’re easy to miss! Learning to spot them has become a good exercise in being more aware of my surroundings.

Lucky Angelenos will be treated to the entire Dark Doings series when Dan’s solo show opens at the Carmichael Gallery on November 5th, 2009.

Blast From the Past: Miss Van

If I were to draw up a list of artists who I would like to see return to New York – be it to paint the streets or to put on a proper gallery show – Miss Van would certainly be near the top of the list.

Here is one of her wonderful doe-girls, which I caught on the side of a concrete pipe back in September 2005:


Lucky Londoners will be treated to a full-scale Miss Van solo show at StolenSpace this October, so I guess that means New York will have to wait…

Representing New York at Nuart

Another New York based artist who is participating in this year’s Brooklyn flavored Nuart Festival in Norway is David Choe. Unlike Darius & Downey, whose work I featured in a previous post, I haven’t seen much street work from David in New York. Not that I’m knocking him, the man is not only mighty talented, he’s also prolific. And he’s got a sick sense of humor – his blog always cracks me up.

The last thing of his I’d seen was the piece he painted for Lazarides’ Outsiders show last September, hence my surprise at spotting these two pieces yesterday:

david choe

david choe

Paying Tribute

Installed at one of Williamsburg’s prime skate spots, metal sculpture bolt-up artist J. J. Veronis pays tribute to his friend, skateboarding legend Andy Kessler, who died unexpectedly in early August.

king kess rides on

“We loved him for his straight-up candor,” said J. J. Veronis, 46. “That boldness was like an avenue he would open up right in front of you to follow.” [NYT]

Hop To It

gettin' frisky

Elbow-Toe returns to one of his earlier spots with a pair of frisky rabbits (after Rembrandt’s “Monk in the Cornfields“).

Happy Caturday

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m just one cat shy of being a crazy cat lady (for the record, I have two). While I encourage everyone to do their part to help bring down NYC’s feral cat population, these street cats do just fine on their own:

cern kitty

if cats could fly...

miss luna kitty

elbow-toe's kitty


Nuart from Nuyork

This year’s Nuart International Festival of Street Art in Stavanger, Norway focuses on artists from my home borough of Brooklyn. The list of participants is a veritable Who’s Who of New York street artists: Swoon, David Choe, Graffiti Research Lab, Brad Downey, Judith Supine, Leon Reid IV, Chris Stain, Logan Hicks, and Skewville. Anyone want to fly me to Norway between September 10th and October 11th??

In honor of the Brooklyn Special at Nuart, I thought I’d highlight some of the fantastic, past work of the involved artists. First up are Leon Reid IV and Brad Downey, the artists formerly known as Darius and Downey. If you’re not already familiar with their body of work, I can only recommend their entertaining 2008 book, The Adventures of Darius and Downey.

brad downey
Brad Downey, 2006

darius jones
Darius Jones, 2002

pink verbs
Verbs and Downey, 2000

I’m eagerly anticipating seeing photos of installations at the festival. For updates, follow Nuart on Twitter.