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Houston at Bowery: 5 Years

The last five years have seen enormous changes to the face of New York City. It’s been especially noticeable on the once illegal wall on Houston at the Bowery – now home to commissioned public art works by international stars of the graffiti and street art scene (on an increasingly pricey piece of real estate).

Retna/March 2012 (photo by Luna Park)

Faile/October 2011 (photo by Luna Park)

JR/June 2011 (photo by Luna Park)

Kenny Scharf/December 2010 (photo by Luna Park)

Sace RIP/November 2010 (photo by Luna Park)

Barry McGee/August 2010 (photo by Luna Park)

Shepard Fairey/May 2010 (photo by Luna Park)

Os Gemeos/July 2009 (photo by Luna Park) - Last masterpiece to be painted on the actual wall before it was covered in wooden scaffolding!

Keith Haring recreation/April 2008 (photo by Luna Park)

Omni/September 2007 (photo by Luna Park)

Update: The links below offer further insight into the history of this wall.

On the occasion of Os Gemeos painting the wall, Martha Cooper shares photos of past artists at the wall from her archive (including Keith Haring). [12ozProphet]

Jeremiah Moss makes the argument that the Houston mural wall is part of the larger gentrification process of “turning the Bowery into a luxury lifestyle destination”. [Jeremiah's Vanishing New York]

Brian Rose examines the wall’s humble origins as a handball court. [Journal/Brian Rose]

Indian Larry Has a Posse


(photo by Becki Fuller)

Earlier this evening Shepard Fairey drew a crowd of fans and locals when he climbed the ladder to paste up his classic Andre The Giant image on the outside of Indian Larry Motorcycles in Williamsburg.  Afterwards he stuck around to hand out stickers and pose for pictures, proving the saying “nice guys finish last” wrong!

(photo by Becki Fuller)

On a Personal Note…

Ava Pop

As the proud mama of a pit bull rescued from Animal Care & Control of NYC, this breed will always be close to my heart. Sadly, for various reasons, they are also the animals the are filling the shelters of cities all around this country. Luckily there are people in this world like Tia Torres, founder of the Villalobos Rescue Center, the largest pit bull rescue and rehabilitation shelter in this country. Sadly, Villalobos is in danger of being closed down by a single, hateful woman with a prejudice against against this loyal, beautiful and loving breed as well as their handlers.

Ava Fairey

If you, like me, have a soft spot for animals, I encourage you to take 30 seconds to sign this URGENT petition to stop the closing of Villalobos Rescue Center. As of my writing this, the petition already has almost 9,000 signatures, but their goal is for 15,000. Please support these dogs and enjoy the pictures of my girl, Ava and her man, Bob:

Ava Sweet Toof

Ava Yote

Ava Witz

Ava Anxieteam

ava c215

Becki Fuller’s 2010 Top 40

2010 has been yet another crazy year, filled with lots of change, adventure, and as always, fun. The highlight for me was the adoption of my dog Ava, who I consider to be New York’s #1 pit bull street art model. I was also very fortunate in getting to meet and spend time with some really fantastic people, such as ECB, Jef Aerosol, Sweet Toof, Ludo, and Roa, during their stays in the city. My trips to Oaxaca, Art Basel Miami, and getting to see Steve Powers bring his Love Letter project to my hometown of Syracuse were a great way to rounded out the year. After taking a look back on this year, I would like to share some of my favorite photos, people, art & events from 2010 (see Luna Park’s list here).

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Photos include work of: El Mac, Retna, How, Nosm, Aryz, Veng, Themo, Deem, ECB, “Sugar Junkie”, Specter, Sweet Toof, The Dude Company, Ludo, Skewville, C215, Dolk, MOMO, Faile, Swoon, Chris Stain, Joe Iurato, Lapiztola, Dan Witz, Gaia, Elbow Toe, Sofia Maldonado, Shepard Fairey, Steve Powers, Over Under, N D’A, Broken Crow, Cern, Cekis, Jef Aerosol, Cash4, Smells, Rambo, Trusto Corp, White Cocoa, Rime, Swampy, Celso, Nekst, Paul Richard, Goya, Faro, Darkcloud, Sadue, Gen2, UFO, Roa, Cahil Muraghu, Tati, and Kid Acne

I’m in Miami Bitch! Photos From Art Basel, 2010

Going over my pictures from Miami and trying to decide what to post has been almost as challenging (and impossible) as it was to shoot everything that was going on during Art Basel in the first place! But for all that I missed (Burning Candy! London Police! Kid Acne!), I really had a fantastic time and felt like I never stopped moving, running into friends from all over the world and their artwork every step of the way. So, in no particular order, here are some of my favorites from Art Basel, Miami, 2010:

skewville fumero

Skewville x Fumero


Michael DeFeo (Happy Birthday from The Street Spot, too, Marianna!)

el mac retna

El Mac & Retna

el mac x retna b and w

El Mac & Retna

shepard fairey

Shepard Fairey

shepard fairey 2

Shepard Fairey

os gemeos

Os Gemeos x Nina x Finok

alter ego tes one

Alter-Ego x Tes One

alex one


chris stain joe iurato

Joe Iurato x Chris Stain


Joe Iurato x Chris Stain



Celso x Junkyard Studios

Jeff soto

Jeff Soto


Jose Bedia (oldie but goodie)






David Cooper






Ca$h For Your Warhol






Shark Toof x Space Invader x Dick Chicken








Noh J Coley




Demer x Col



Chor Boogie








How x Nosm


Erni Vales



wynwood walls

Wynwood Walls – Futura x Shepard Fairey




Stelios Faitakis


Ron English


Jeff Soto


Kenny Scharf

Ryan McGuinnes
Ryan McGinness

Sugar Junkie

Brooklynite Gallery x Pawn Works: Sugar Junkie

Sugar Junkie 3

Brooklynite Gallery x Pawn Works: Sugar Junkie

Sugar Junkie 2

Brooklynite Gallery x Pawn Works: Sugar Junkie


Brooklynite Gallery x Pawn Works: Sugar Junkie

Shepard Fairey DJing the “Tresspass” Book Signing

The Good Shepard

Shepard Fairey (photo by Becki Fuller)

Shepard Fairey (photo by Becki Fuller)

Shepard Fairey is the latest artist to take over the corner of Houston & Bowery, with his wheat paste & aerosol mural called “May Day”. The mural is a promotional piece for Fairey’s upcoming show, of the same name, at Deitch Projects. Sadly this with be the gallery’s last show before closing when Jeffrey Deitch heads to Los Angeles to take over L.A.’s Museum of Contemporary Art.

Opening Reception on May 1st, 6-9pm
May 01, 2010 — May 29, 2010
Deitch Projects
18 Wooster Street, New York City

Deitch Projects is pleased to present May Day, an exhibition of new work by Shepard Fairey, as its final project. Titled not only in reference to the day of the exhibition’s opening, the multiple meanings of May Day resonate throughout the artist’s new body of work. Originally a celebration of spring and the rebirth it represents, May Day is also observed in many countries as International Worker’s Day or Labor Day, a day of political demonstrations and celebrations coordinated by unions and socialist groups. “Mayday” is also the distress signal used by pilots, police and firefighters in times of emergency.

Shepard Fairey (photo by Becki Fuller)

Shepard Fairey (photo by Becki Fuller)

Shepard Fairey (photo by Becki Fuller)

Shepard Fairey (photo by Becki Fuller)

Shepard Fairey (photo by Becki Fuller)

Shepard Fairey (photo by Becki Fuller)

Shepard Fairey (photo by Becki Fuller)

Shepard Fairey (photo by Becki Fuller)

Shepard Fairey (photo by Becki Fuller)

Shepard Fairey (photo by Becki Fuller)

Shepard Fairey (photo by Becki Fuller)

Shepard Fairey (photo by Becki Fuller)

I do not envy anyone that has to follow up the mural painted last summer by the Brazilian twins Os Gemeos, as the criticisms (and some tags) will be inevitable, but if anyone has the skin thick enough to handle it, it’s probably Shepard Fairey. Despite that fact that I absolutely loved their mural, I also think that it is good to see some new, large scale work in this city. That’s sadly something that we don’t have enough of here.

Shepard Fairey Talks About “These Parties Disgust Me” from ANIMALnewyork.com on Vimeo.

Shepard will also be speaking and having a book signing at the Brooklyn Museum this Sunday.

Program is free with Museum admission. Only books purchased at the Museum will be eligible for signing.

Sunday, April 25, 2010
3–5 p.m.
Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Auditorium, 3rd Floor

AIDS Walk New York 2010

Normally I wouldn’t take to my blog to panhandle for money, but since I can tie this into street art, it is too tempting not to! Shepard Fairey has once again thrown his support behind a worthy cause by raising money and designing shirts for the team that I will be walking for this year in the AIDS Walk New York, the Keith Haring Foundation. For those of you who don’t know much about me or my background, I first moved to NYC to work as a HIV Nutrition Specialist, with my first job being at the Bellevue virology clinic. I have participated in the AIDS Walk New York over the last decade, and I would sincerely appreciate any support that people would be willing and able to give me in my efforts to raise money this year. If you are unable to donate money, consider joining the walk and becoming a fundraiser yourself.


Proceeds from the walk benefit GMHC (where I was once an intern) and other tri-state area AIDS service organizations, many of which have been progressively loosing much needed funding over the years.

Ad Busters

There is little denying that Skewville had elevated ball busting, quite literally, to art form. Shepard Fairey was just the latest artist to fall prey to one of their “forced collaborations”. So, in the words of Skewville, I say “nice try” and I hope to see more!

Obey Skewville

Skewville x Loro x Elbow Toe

Something is aSkew with this wolf...

Skewville at the Putting Lot