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The Walls Are Alive in Albany, Part Dos

Nanook & Gaia (photo by Becki Fuller)

As Luna mentioned in her post earlier today, we had a great time at Albany’s Living Walls festival this past weekend. Not only was it an opportunity to catch up with friends and to make the acquaintance of artists and other photographers from near and far, but we were also fortunate enough to meet and interact with many members of the communities that will be living with these walls for some time to come. Some were so enthusiastic that they hopped right into my pictures to model for me! And since no two shots are ever quite the same, here are my highlights from the weekend (See Luna’s here):

Michael Defeo (photo by Becki Fuller)

Michael Defeo (photo by Becki Fuller)

Roa (photo by Becki Fuller)

Roa (photo by Becki Fuller)

Gaia (by Becki Fuller)

Veng RWK x Never x White Cocoa (photo by Becki Fuller)

The man behind the murals, Sampson, by White Cocoa (photo by Becki Fuller)

How & Nosm (photo by Becki Fuller)

Joe Iurato (photo by Becki Fuller)

Joe Iurato (photo by Becki Fuller)

Over Under (photos by Becki Fuller)

Over Under (photo by Becki Fuller)

Over Under in progress (photo by Becki Fuller)

Over Under (photo by Becki Fuller)

Cake (photo by Becki Fuller)

Clown Soldier in progress (photo by Becki Fuller)

Broken Crow (photo by Becki Fuller)

Broken Crow (photo by Becki Fuller)

Broken Crow (photo by Becki Fuller)

Broken Crow in progress (photo by Becki Fuller)

Noh J Coley in progress (photo by Becki Fuller)

N'DA x Never (photo by Becki Fuller)

Joe Iurato x Over Under x N'DA

Never x Broken Crow (photo by Becki Fuller)

Shin Shin & Wing (photo by Becki Fuller)

The Walls Are Alive in Albany

How & Nosm (photo by Luna Park)

The Street Spot took to the road this past weekend to check out Albany’s inaugural Living Walls festival in person. Samson Contompasis of the Marketplace Gallery worked tirelessly for the better part of a year to bring world-class street artists to his hometown and to convince the New York State capital that his vision for urban renewal was one worth pursuing. Just as we pulled up to the How & Nosm wall above, a woman with a small band of children emerged from the community center across the road. Upon seeing us staring up at the mural, she started beaming widely, gushing about how much she loved it, and telling us what a miracle it was. This was but one of many positive encounters we had with the people of Albany – if their reactions are any indication, then I’d say Living Walls was a huge success. Below are some of my favorite images from the weekend – stay tuned for Becki’s impressions.

Roa (photo by Luna Park)

Broken Crow (photo by Luna Park)

Broken Crow (photo by Luna Park)

Broken Crow (photo by Luna Park)

Broken Crow in progress (photo by Luna Park)

Never & White Cocoa (photo by Luna Park)

Cake (photo by Luna Park)

Michael DeFeo (photo by Luna Park)

Michael DeFeo (photo by Luna Park)

Nanook & Gaia (photo by Luna Park)

Joe Iurato (photo by Luna Park)

Doodles in progress (photo by Luna Park)

Clown Soldier (photo by Luna Park)

Noh J Coley (photo by Luna Park)

Noh J Coley in progress (photo by Luna Park)

N'DA (photo by Luna Park)

N'DA (photo by Luna Park)

OverUnder (photo by Luna Park)

OverUnder (photo by Luna Park)

OverUnder (photo by Luna Park)

OverUnder (photo by Luna Park)

Welling Court Mural Project 2011


In addition to John Ahearn’s life casting (which I covered in yesterday’s post), Welling Court was frenzy of painting activity on Saturday afternoon, with the number of artists participating in the Welling Court Mural Project over doubeling from last year! Here is a little slice of some of the walls and people that could be seen:

leon reid
Leon Reid IV, Peat Wollagear, Tristan Eaton (photo by Becki Fuller)


Joe Iurato (photo by Becki Fuller)

chris stain

Chris Stain (photo by Becki Fuller)


El Kamino, Alice Mizrachi (photo by Becki Fuller)

Dan Witz

Dan Witz (photo by Becki Fuller)


cycle pink

Cycle, Lady Pink, Free Five (photo by Becki Fuller)



Cern (photo by Becki Fuller)



Fumero (photo by Becki Fuller)


Kati Yamansaki and Caleb Neelon, Beau Stanton, Dark Clouds and Celso (photo by Becki Fuller)


Ezra Li Eismont and Bunnie Reiss (photo by Becki Fuller)

lil mouse

Ezra Li Eismont and Bunnie Reiss (photo by Becki Fuller)



Lopi (photo by Becki Fuller)


Never (photo by Becki Fuller)



Jessie Jones, Sinned (photo by Becki Fuller)


Veng RWK, Over Under, Sophia Maldonado and ROA (photo by Becki Fuller)



I See Street Art by the Seashore

coneymural veng overunder2

With the season officially opening at Coney Island this past weekend, the good people at No Longer Empty took advantage of the area’s “developing landscape” (that is, imminent destruction) and arranged for artists Over Under and Veng to tackle a long stretch of blue construction barriers. The seaside carnival themed mural can be viewed at the nexus of Coney Island, the intersection of Stillwell and Surf Avenues. How much local flavor the area will retain in coming years remains to be seen…

coneymural overunderconeymural veng overunderconeymural veng overunder kid2coneymural veng coneymural veng fish2coneymural veng overunder kidconeymural veng clown overunder

This Weekend in Robots

This weekend Robots Will Kill celebrated their 10th anniversary with a show, featuring new works from every crew member, at the Vincent Michael Gallery in Philadelphia. It was a full house from start to finish and many dedicated friends, fans and family members made the traffic heavy trip down to support the guys. It was extra special to have both
ECB and Peeta make the trip over from Europe in order to attend the opening as well as paint some walls in Brooklyn.

gallery 1

gallery work 1

Veng, Kev RWK, Peeta, Chris RWK

work 1

Kev RWK, Chris RWK, Veng, Peeta, JesseRobot

gallery work 2

Chris RWK, Peeta, Flying Fortress

gallery work 3


gallery jeff

gallery chris

gallery rj

gallery group

Not ones to rest on their laurels, Chris, Veng, ECB and Peeta woke up the day after the opening and got right to painting at their spot in Bushwick. Never and Over Under joined in for what is shaping up to be one of the best collaborative walls RWK has painted in some time. ECB even found some time to put up a rare wheatpaste. Congratulations RWK!

rwk whole wall

ecb above

rwk chris ou

rwk peeta chris

rwk chris

rwk never

rwk ecb


Over Under Gets Literal


Last weekend while I was enjoying the music and warm weather at SXSW, Over Under busy collaborating with his friend No Touching Ground on one of the most mind blowing pieces that I’ve laid eyes on in years. We all know about the ephemeral nature of wheatpaste, though this has typically been considered a shortcoming rather than an asset of the medium. The genius about this piece, aside from the fact that it is big, beautiful and well executed, is that its disintegration is expected and has been prepared for. Underneath the paper arm is a skeletal mural painted onto the wall, inspired by, well, inspiring people such as buZ blurr, his brother, Sunset Justice, and Reader. Check out Over Under’s blog to see some amazing process shots & for a peak at what lies underneath.


And because Over Under is not just a talented artist, but a upstanding human being, he has used this opportunity to bring a message of giving, hope, and optomism in the face of the recent tragedy in Japan. If you have been at all inspired by his work, or just feel the need to do a good deed, consider making a donation to the Red Cross today.


Over Your Head, Under Your Nose

One of my surprise favorites this year has been the New York based artist, Over Under. While I was really enjoying some of the collaborative murals that he was doing with Cahil Muraghu prior to his travels around Europe with Other, it wasn’t until his return to the city earlier this summer that we got to see more of the range that Over Under is really capable of. Two recent posts of mine highlighted some of the phenomenal wheatpastes that he has been producing lately, however there is also something to be said for his simple outlines and Over Under-isms that can be found on an increasing number of doors and walls around the city.

Over Under red

Over Under Under Paid

Over Under Under Pressure

Over Under Under You

Over Under Wear

Over Under Understood

Over Under van

Wheatpaste Warriors, Part Dos



Over Under mail

Over Under

Over Under Cool

Over Under

Over Under N DA

Over Under & N D’A

Over Under N D'A secret

Over Under & N D’A

Hot Cocoa 2

White Cocoa

Hot Cocoa 1

White Cocoa

Hot Cocoa Ramon

White Cocoa

For part one of this post, click here

Wheatpaste Warrior Roundup

In recent weeks, a slew of new wheatpastes have been showing up around Brooklyn. Some old favorites are back in action (Over Under, Feral, Labrona) as well as a few new-to-me faces (White Cocoa, Gawd). I’m not quite sure how we got so lucky, as to have so many great artists in town all at once, but I’m not complaining!



Labrona Jump

Over Under with N D’A

Over Under

Over Under



White Cocoa Yellow

White Cocoa

wc 1

White Cocoa


White Cocoa (I kind of love how the tag interacts with this one)





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Labrona x Over Under x N D’A

Labrona was recently in Brooklyn as part of a “renegade art show” put on by Circus Gold at Live With Animals. While in town, he found time to collaborate with locals Over Under and N D’A on some wonderfully weird wheatpastes.