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Houston at Bowery: 5 Years

The last five years have seen enormous changes to the face of New York City. It’s been especially noticeable on the once illegal wall on Houston at the Bowery – now home to commissioned public art works by international stars of the graffiti and street art scene (on an increasingly pricey piece of real estate).

Retna/March 2012 (photo by Luna Park)

Faile/October 2011 (photo by Luna Park)

JR/June 2011 (photo by Luna Park)

Kenny Scharf/December 2010 (photo by Luna Park)

Sace RIP/November 2010 (photo by Luna Park)

Barry McGee/August 2010 (photo by Luna Park)

Shepard Fairey/May 2010 (photo by Luna Park)

Os Gemeos/July 2009 (photo by Luna Park) - Last masterpiece to be painted on the actual wall before it was covered in wooden scaffolding!

Keith Haring recreation/April 2008 (photo by Luna Park)

Omni/September 2007 (photo by Luna Park)

Update: The links below offer further insight into the history of this wall.

On the occasion of Os Gemeos painting the wall, Martha Cooper shares photos of past artists at the wall from her archive (including Keith Haring). [12ozProphet]

Jeremiah Moss makes the argument that the Houston mural wall is part of the larger gentrification process of “turning the Bowery into a luxury lifestyle destination”. [Jeremiah's Vanishing New York]

Brian Rose examines the wall’s humble origins as a handball court. [Journal/Brian Rose]

Grottaglie’s Fame

The sleepy town of Grottaglie, located in the high heel of the boot that is Italy, is admittedly not on most tourist itineraries. Yet thanks to the tireless efforts of Studiocromie’s Angelo Milano, whose Fame Festival this summer celebrated it’s 4th year, I have made two pilgrimages to the tiny town – known primarily for ceramics – deep in southern Italy. Fame has attracted some of the international street art and graffiti scene’s most talented artists and let them paint the town red. Big walls by Blu, Aryz, Sam3, Ericailcane – to name but a few – and whimsical characters by Os Gemeos scattered across the medieval town center have made Grottaglie a must-see destination for a street art aficionada like me. The slideshow below presents some of my favorite walls, all shot over two, gloriously warm, and sunny days this past November.


Os Gemeos & Friends at Munich’s Kultfabrik

Os Gemeos x Vitche x Herbert Baglione x Nina x Sat x Loomit (photo by Luna Park)

Every time my work takes me to Munich, I make a beeline to the Kultfabrik. The immense factory complex next to the Ostbahnhof, once the home to the manufacturer Pfanni, now houses more than 20 nightclubs, a handful of small theaters and artists’ ateliers, as well as an indoor climbing wall. What interests me the most about the Kultfabrik – no surprise here – is the graffiti on the exterior factory walls. The Kultfabrik complex is something like Munich’s 5 Pointz. With walls run by Loomit, it boasts pieces by some of the biggest names in graffiti. Click here for some of my Kultfabrik photos from recent years.

Os Gemeos detail (photo by Luna Park)

Much like Graffoto’s delight at coming across an untouched 2005 Os Gemeos wall in Athens recently, I return to the Kultfabrik time and time again to see walls painted by the twins (which I believe were also done in 2005). They feature collaborations with Loomit, Nina, Vitche, Herbert Baglione and Sat One. Most were still running as of this past November, but sadly this under-the-sea mural featuring an Os Gemeos mermaid is no more.

Os Gemeos (photo by Luna Park)

Os Gemeos x Nina x Loomit (photo by Luna Park)

There are a handful of Os Gemeos characters scattered across the factory complex – despite repeat visits, I only recently came across a few of these.

Os Gemeos (photo by Luna Park)

Os Gemeos (photo by Luna Park)

Os Gemeos (photo Luna Park)

Os Gemeos tag (photo by Luna Park)

Os Gemeos (photo by Luna Park)

Os Gemeos (photo by Luna Park)

Os Gemeos (photo by Luna Park)

The twins’ riot scene, next to a piece by Nunca, could be ripped out of today’s headlines…

Os Gemeos (photo by Luna Park)

Os Gemeos (photo by Luna Park)

Os Gemeos x Nunca (photo by Luna Park)

This long, curvy wall together with Vitche, Nina and Loomit takes my breathe away every time I see it.

Os Gemeos x Nina x Loomit x Vitche (photo by Luna Park)

Os Gemeos x Nina x Loomit x Vitche (photo by Luna Park)

Os Gemeos x Nina x Loomit x Vitche (photo by Luna Park)

Last but not least, there’s a wall directly adjacent to the one above. I like the use of red rather than black lines employed by the twins here (perhaps from an earlier visit?).

Os Gemeos x Loomit (photo by Luna Park)

Os Gemeos x Loomit (photo by Luna Park)

Os Gemeos x Loomit (photo by Luna Park)

Os Gemeos x Loomit (photo by Luna Park)

Last I heard, Munich plans to tear down parts of the Kultfabrik complex to make room for – what else? – condominiums…

I’m in Miami Bitch! Photos From Art Basel, 2010

Going over my pictures from Miami and trying to decide what to post has been almost as challenging (and impossible) as it was to shoot everything that was going on during Art Basel in the first place! But for all that I missed (Burning Candy! London Police! Kid Acne!), I really had a fantastic time and felt like I never stopped moving, running into friends from all over the world and their artwork every step of the way. So, in no particular order, here are some of my favorites from Art Basel, Miami, 2010:

skewville fumero

Skewville x Fumero


Michael DeFeo (Happy Birthday from The Street Spot, too, Marianna!)

el mac retna

El Mac & Retna

el mac x retna b and w

El Mac & Retna

shepard fairey

Shepard Fairey

shepard fairey 2

Shepard Fairey

os gemeos

Os Gemeos x Nina x Finok

alter ego tes one

Alter-Ego x Tes One

alex one


chris stain joe iurato

Joe Iurato x Chris Stain


Joe Iurato x Chris Stain



Celso x Junkyard Studios

Jeff soto

Jeff Soto


Jose Bedia (oldie but goodie)






David Cooper






Ca$h For Your Warhol






Shark Toof x Space Invader x Dick Chicken








Noh J Coley




Demer x Col



Chor Boogie








How x Nosm


Erni Vales



wynwood walls

Wynwood Walls – Futura x Shepard Fairey




Stelios Faitakis


Ron English


Jeff Soto


Kenny Scharf

Ryan McGuinnes
Ryan McGinness

Sugar Junkie

Brooklynite Gallery x Pawn Works: Sugar Junkie

Sugar Junkie 3

Brooklynite Gallery x Pawn Works: Sugar Junkie

Sugar Junkie 2

Brooklynite Gallery x Pawn Works: Sugar Junkie


Brooklynite Gallery x Pawn Works: Sugar Junkie

Shepard Fairey DJing the “Tresspass” Book Signing

5x Os Gemeos x Futura2000

os gemeos x futura2000

os gemeos x futura2000

os gemeos x futura2000

os gemeos x futura2000

os gemeos

PS11, Chelsea, New York City, Week of August 9-13, 2010

Os Gemeos & Futura Roll Up On PS11

Os Gemeos’ whirlwind tour of painting around the world has made another stop in New York City with the lucky kids at Chelsea’s PS 11 the intended audience of this massive, multiple-storied mural in collaboration with Futura. More to come as the work is completed.

The Street Spot Hearts World Cup 2010

If postings in coming weeks are on the light side, blame it on The Street Spot being as obsessed with the World Cup as the rest of the world! May the best team win…

os gemeos football fans


Os Gemeos are back in town!

6:30pm wednesday

As soon as I heard word that the Os Gemeos had been tapped by Deitch (home of the twin’s stellar exhibition in New York last summer) to paint a mural in place of the Keith Haring tribute, I knew I had to make my way down to the corner of Houston and the Bowery as soon as possible. This is the mural in progress near the end of the second day of painting. I suppose it will take several days to finish and – like the rest of the global street art community – I am on the edge of my seat in anticipation of seeing this completed!