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Throwback Thursday: Tilden


While it’s wonderful that MoMA PS1 is bringing it’s art-star-laden Rockaway! exhibition to Fort Tilden this summer, I’d like to point out that Tilden was home to a much more organic, arts movement long before Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc on the Rockaways…

armer have fun and die

are you coulrophobic?




navy8 bugle

taboo dym

runic beast

Reid & Seslow Launch Technophemera Project

Leon Reid IV & Ryan Seslow with their casts (photo by Luna Park)

Leon Reid IV & Ryan Seslow with their casts (photo by Luna Park)

I recently ran into artists Leon Reid IV and Ryan Seslow installing newly cast pieces from their collaborative project Technophemera at Welling Court. Curious to learn more, I asked them a few questions about the genesis of the project.

LP: How did this collaboration come about?

LR: The collaboration came about in an organic way. Ryan reached out to me around 2012 by inviting me to speak as a guest lecturer during his “History and Emergence of Street Art & Graffiti” course at LIU Post. From there we connected on alot of conceptual levels and decided to work collaboratively in some capacity. As with many collaborations, the concept for a work isn’t finalized in the beginning of the relationship, but rather over the course of many conversations and exchanges.

LP: What are you saying about art and technology with this installation?

LR: Previous to our meeting, Ryan had already begun casting old computer hardware in concrete – suggesting a fossilization process. After seeing these, I decided to bring my installation background to the table and came up with the idea that the hardware casts should be buried in an excavation site to create the illusion of ancient history.

The central theme behind the project is that technology is invented at such a rapid pace that devices even 5 years old may as well be treated as fossils.

Leon Reid IV & Ryan Seslow's technophemera casts (photo by Luna Park)

Leon Reid IV & Ryan Seslow’s technophemera casts (photo by Luna Park)

RS: I coined the term “technophemera” in late 2011 when I started placing casts in and around the NYC area. I leave them in public places free for people to take and/or become aware of their presence and displacement. The displacement is both obvious and also contextual. It questions they way we dispose of old technologies and hardware as well as our personal relationships to those devices and who we are becoming over time through this new consciousness. I still continue to leave various casts in and around and have also expanded to other objects like old aerosol cans – this gets a bit more specific, as it speaks directly to graffiti artists, how everything changes and evolves, with us or without us. We must choose who we are in relationship to those changes to maintain authenticity.

Leon Reid IV & Ryan Seslow's technophemera casts (photo by Luna Park)

Leon Reid IV & Ryan Seslow’s technophemera casts (photo by Luna Park)

Leon and Ryan are hoping to realize a collaborative installation of Technophemera on the LIU Post campus in connection with the Steinberg Museum of Art at Hillwood starting this fall. For more information, please visit http://www.leonthe4th.com/technophemera/1.html.

UPDATE: A Kickstarter has been launched to support the initiative as well: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/leonreid/technophemera.

Triple Play: Lister

Australian artist Anthony Lister’s been very busy in the weeks leading up to his solo show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, opening tomorrow night. It’s been a while since we last featured him here, but I’m glad to report he’s showing his former hometown some love by completing a number of murals in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Here are three of the five seven he’s done so far:




[Lister - all photos (c) Luna Park]

Lister is also the subject of the forthcoming Anthony Lister – Adventure Painter release from Gingko Press, authored by Roger Gastman and Tristan Manco.

Anthony Lister: Power Tripping
Jonathan LeVine Gallery
529 West 20th Street
9th Floor
New York, New York 10010

June 28—July 26, 2014
Opening: Saturday, June 28, 6—8pm

Triple Play: Art is Tra$h

Judging by his website, Spanish artist Art is Tra$h has been extremely prolific since arriving in New York City. His whimsical, trash-based installations are very short-lived, which make them a welcome and powerful antidote to the recent proliferation of permissioned murals.

art is trash

art is trash

art is trash

[Art is Tra$h - all photos (c) Luna Park]

Texas & Gane

I’m digging these stylish rollers by Texas and Gane… cool to see some Philly hands in New York.

Texas & Gane (photo by Luna Park)

Texas & Gane (photo by Luna Park)

Texas & Gane (photo by Luna Park)

Texas & Gane (photo by Luna Park)

Texas & Gane (photo by Luna Park)

Texas & Gane (photo by Luna Park)

Texas & Gane (photo by Luna Park)

Texas & Gane (photo by Luna Park)

Triple Play: Pacman

pacman rooftop

curt x pacman x low5

ufo907 pacman

Bonus *before*:

gen2 x ufo x pacman x muk123

[Pacman, Curt/Pacman/Low5, UFO907/Pacman, Gen2/UFO907/Pacman/Muk123 - all photos (c) Luna Park]

Triple Play: BTM

Born To Mobb…

katsu making waves


lewy x cahbasm

[Katsu, Adek, Lewy/Cahbasm - all photos (c) Luna Park]

Triple Play: Joe Iurato

I’m a big fan of Joe Iurato’s work not only for his crisp & clean stenciling abilities, but also because he understands the importance of good placement. His series of wooden cut-outs – see skater series below – are installed with great care and consideration for their context. More please, Joe.

joe iurato

joe iurato

joe iurato

[Joe Iurato for Bushwick Collective & Welling Court - all photo (c) Luna Park]

Triple Play: False

False has had a steady presence on the streets of New York over the last few years. True … or false?

false emone



[False et all - all photos (c) Luna Park]

Triple Play: Cost x ENX

Cost and his partner ENX have been relentless in their ongoing wheatpasting campaign. They continue to carve out new spots, especially with their highly visible jumbo posters, strategically pasted up high.


enx cost kwolf

zimer wane cost enx

[ENX/Cost/Muk123/False/Bäst, ENX/Cost/KWolf, ENX/Cost/Zimer/Wane - all photos (c) Luna Park]