The Many Faces of Berlin’s El Bocho

elbocho pink girl

On repeat visits to Berlin over the course of several years, one street artist whose work has consistently engaged me is El Bocho. His work has two characteristics that are essential for long-term success as a street artist: a sense of humor and the willingness to change things up. These lovely ladies are part of his Citizen Poster series.

elbocho missvan
elbocho girl orange

Though now decayed due to exposure to the elements and the passage of time, this enormous 2009 portrait was composed with over 11,000 square feet of tape. See it in it’s former glory here.

wedding elbocho

Kalle and Bernd are two CCTV cameras that comment on their surroundings. (“Check out that blonde…” — “I’m fixated on terrorists.”)

elbocho blonde
elbroncho yo

By far my favorite El Bocho character is Little Lucy, who keeps trying to kill her cat. Doner catbab, anyone?

elbocho littlelucy donerelbocho lucy ader
elbocho deadcat3
elbocho catwash