Support A Savage Habbit


Visitors to Jersey City and surrounding Hudson County, NJ will have noticed that more than a dozen murals have sprung up in the last two years. These large-scale murals – produced by international visitors (Pixel Pancho, Case, Alice to name a few) as well as local favorites (LNY, Mataruda, Li Hill, Mr. Mustart, and more) – are the fruit of Savage Habbit’s labor. Having exhausted their own financial resources, Savage Habbit now turns to you, the art-appreciating public, to help support the production of the next cycle of murals. Please consider making a modest donation to their Savage Habbit Murals Project Kickstarter – it’s already 40% funded, so your contribution can make an enormous difference. It’s simple: all funds go directly towards purchasing paint and supplies to make more murals happen.

pixel pancho

li hill


lny mataruda


La Luz: Let There Be Golden Light

Back in 2005, as I was just delving into the world of NYC street art, the artist Celso and his partner-in-crime C-Monster invited me for a studio vist to their Manhattan loft. Even though we had never met before, their warm and welcoming manner endeared them to me immediately and we have been friends ever since. Over the years, our paths have crossed at countless art openings and happenings. I have enjoyed Celso’s evolution as an artist – both on and off the streets – and have gained a great appreciation for his willingness to experiment with new materials to push himself forward. Armed with a quick wit, an appreciation for the absurd, and an irreverent intelligence, the inimitable C-Monster has conquered a corner of the art blogosphere and made herself indispensable. All this is to say I’m very happy to support Celso and C-Monster’s next big, collaborative adventure: a public art installation for the Museo Convento de Santo Domingo y Qorikancha in Peru. Please consider joining me in making a donation via their project’s Kickstarter.

Back the Hundred Story House

As a librarian, I couldn’t be more excited about Leon Reid IV’s latest project together with filmmaker Julia Marchesi. The Hundred Story House is designed to be a open bookshelf in a sculpture of a typical Brooklyn brownstone that will be installed within a city park. Based on the take-a-book/leave-a-book concept, the community is encouraged to get together and share books. At a time when public spending on both libraries and the arts are under threat, it is all the more important to support efforts to bring positive and uplifting elements into people’s lives. The 100 Story House brings two of my favorite things together: public art and public libraries. Do the right thing. And read more books!

Support Swoon’s Musical House in NOLA via Kickstarter

The future location of Dithyrambalina, Swoon’s musical house/sculpture

(photo by Becki Fuller)

Swoon’s lovely “Ice Queen” image – which she recently debuted as part of her installation for Art In the Streets – was just captured in the wild (aka the streets of Brooklyn) by Luna Park.  And it can also find it’s way into your home, as one of the gifts offered up as part of Swoon’s Kickstarter campaign for her musical architecture project in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans.  Intended to be permanent and interactive, this sculpture will look like a house, but function like a musical instrument.   The funds raised though Kickstarter will be used to support the local and national sound artists that are coming together in their development of the instruments that will ultimately be used to bring Swoon’s ethereal vision to magical, melodic life.  And while the project’s funding goal will help with the prototyping of the instruments, there is still going to be a house to build!  So whether you donate $5 or $3,000, keep the donations coming in and help to bring this unique project to an equally unique and fantastical city!

(photo by Becki Fuller)

The Dithyrambalina, Quarter-Scale Model of the Musical House  (photo by Becki Fuller)

(photo by Becki Fuller)

Support Leon Reid’s “Tourist-in-Chief”

Leon Reid & Posterboy Showpaper Box (photo by Luna Park)

It should come as no great surprise that The Street Spot loves the sculptural installation work of Leon Reid. I think he has managed to strike a good balance in remaining true to his roots while navigating the bureaucratic hurdles that come with installing Public Art. He has chosen a typically ambitious project to realize during this October’s annual Art in Odd Places festival. Continuing along the lines of his True Yank installation around Abraham Lincoln in Manchester, England from two years ago, he plans to make a humorous, temporary transformation of a statue of George Washington in Union Square Park. Please consider making a small donation to help Leon make the Tourist-in-Chief a reality.

Support Over Under & Other’s European Adventure

Recent ex-New Yorker and all-around renaissance man Over Under (aka Erik Burke) needs your help to get his next venture rolling!

I first came across Erik’s work via his Small Worlds project in the summer of 2008:

nevs' small graffiti doors

I had the pleasure of meeting him shortly thereafter, when he helped Broken Crow complete a large mural in Bushwick:

broken crow + paint goggles + over under

What never ceases to amaze me are the sheer number of projects Erik juggles at once. While completing his MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons last year, he found time to collaborate with New York based and visiting artists as well as install a faux memorial plaque on the legendary Writers Bench and code a tribute to the golden days of NYC subway graffiti.

over under w/ cahil muraghu

For an exhibition at MOHS in Copenhagen this spring, Erik and Canadian artist Other plan on cycling across Europe, gathering material and inspiration for the show along the way. To that end, they are trying to raise $2,000 to cover “travel expenses related to sustenance, survival, and the creation of work”. You can read about their plans and donate here. I’ve already put my money where my mouth is and I encourage you to do the same. Not only are you supporting a good cause, but you’re also helping two genuinely talented artists make their marks.