The PublicAdCampaign Will Augment Your Reality

   (photo by Becki Fuller)

On Sunday evening, Jordan Seiler’s PublicAdCampaign, in collaboration with The Heavy Projects, began the Beta testing phase of the Augmented Reality Advertising Takeover.  With the use of a cell phone or iPad and a specially designed app, physical objects (in this case, ads) in the public space are transformed into Augmented Reality triggers, effectively layering your environment with virtual content that looks as if it is physically there in front of you.  One minute you are looking at a “Cowboys and Aliens” poster, the next you are gazing at the art work of Ron English.    And where else would be better to test this technology than in Times Square, an area over run with advertising, massive screens, and the highest pedestrian count in all of New York City?!  As our gang of augmented reality seekers dodged taxi cabs and tourists, we saw Times Square transformed into an open air gallery, featuring not only the art work of Ron English, but also Poster Boy, John Fekner, OX, and dr. d.

Use This:

(photo by Becki Fuller)

To Transform This:
(photo by Becki Fuller)


Into This:

dr. d (iPhone screen shot by Becki Fuller)

John Fekner (photo by Becki Fuller)

Poster Boy (photo by Becki Fuller)

Poster Boy (iPhone screen shot by Becki Fuller)


Traffic Dodging (photo by Becki Fuller)

Ron English (photo by Becki Fuller)

OX (photo by Becki Fuller)