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Over Under Gets Literal


Last weekend while I was enjoying the music and warm weather at SXSW, Over Under busy collaborating with his friend No Touching Ground on one of the most mind blowing pieces that I’ve laid eyes on in years. We all know about the ephemeral nature of wheatpaste, though this has typically been considered a shortcoming rather than an asset of the medium. The genius about this piece, aside from the fact that it is big, beautiful and well executed, is that its disintegration is expected and has been prepared for. Underneath the paper arm is a skeletal mural painted onto the wall, inspired by, well, inspiring people such as buZ blurr, his brother, Sunset Justice, and Reader. Check out Over Under’s blog to see some amazing process shots & for a peak at what lies underneath.


And because Over Under is not just a talented artist, but a upstanding human being, he has used this opportunity to bring a message of giving, hope, and optomism in the face of the recent tragedy in Japan. If you have been at all inspired by his work, or just feel the need to do a good deed, consider making a donation to the Red Cross today.