2009 Favorites

The below are my 30 favorites of the year – favorite pieces, moments or shots. Scroll all the way down to view this as a slideshow.

MTA, Los Angeles, CA

psychic faust
Faust, New York, NY

Reader, Brooklyn, NY

armer smells
Armer X Smeller, Brooklyn, NY

msk blockbuster
907 X MSK, Brooklyn, NY

reading the future
Elbow-Toe X Reader, Brooklyn, NY

roa's secret garden
Roa, New York, NY

Vhils, Grottaglie, Italy

el mac & retna buddha
El Mac X Retna, Los Angeles, CA

os gemeos mural detail
Os Gemeos, New York, NY

brooklyn broken crow w/over under
Broken Crow, Brooklyn, NY

heart of darkness
Muk123, Brooklyn, NY

dr.sex * hour
Dr.Sex X Hour, Los Angeles, CA

Banksy, Los Angeles, CA

katsu read
Katsu X Reader, Brooklyn, NY

kills me everytime
Rush X Mutz, Brooklyn, NY

conor harrington from the high line
Conor Harrington, New York, NY

rooftop bear
Gaia, Brooklyn, NY

love from chris stain & armsrock
Chris Stain X Armsrock, Brooklyn, NY

Burning Candy, London, England

just chill
J-Bird, Brooklyn, NY

Caps, Zurich, Switzerland

mister lister
Lister, Brooklyn, NY

combo by david ellis + blu
David Ellis X Blu, Grottaglie, Italy

specter can man
Specter, Brooklyn, NY

Blanco, Brooklyn, NY

odd couple
Veng X Cake, Brooklyn, NY

for you i got daycare money and carfare honey
Espo, Philadelphia, PA

my kinda skyline
Skyline, Brooklyn, NY

message in a bottle
Blu X Ericailcane, Ancona, Italy

Big thanks to Stefan, Jeremy, Till and Peter for all the support!

Horfe in New York

Summer 2008 I spent a week in Paris – discovering Horfe was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. If you’re not familiar with his weird and wonderful work, be sure to check out his Flickr group.


He must have come through New York at some point, as I’ve recently come across a couple of pieces he did with Kuma, another favorite writer of mine.

horfe! kuma

kuma, horfé, et al


Cecsing up Brooklyn …

Deeker Cecs Gats (photo by Luna Park)
Deeker Cecs Gats (photo by Luna Park)
Cecske (photo by Luna Park)
Cecske (photo by Luna Park)
Cecs Mind Spray (photo by Luna Park)
Cecs Mind Spray (photo by Luna Park)

. . . one lot at a time.

Vandals in Control

After the below turned up in a shoebox under my bed after a recent cleaning spell, I got to thinking about VIC crew…

charlie's vandals


The excellent @149th St has the story on Vandals in Control:

“In the late 1990s the VIC crew made a come back. The revitalized VIC crew included veteran members like PEAK and PG (rip) as well as newer generation writers such as ADER. The female writers DIVA, HOPE and DONA were also counted among the ranks. Members like PEAK, REVS, and ADER implemented a tunnel bombing campaign. Armed with bucket paint and rollers they painted the walls of many NYC subway tunnels. DONA, EZO, PEAK, DIVA and HOPE contributed to a street bombing effort which included roller letters, tags and throw-ups. The crew also painted many elaborate murals throughout the city.”

Although a lot of VIC work has long since disappeared, you can still spot the odd wall here and there.

diva peek revs

peek diva vic

w'burg graff

For more NYC graffiti history from the guys behind @149th St, be sure to pick up your copy of Graffiti New York.

Dart & Trap

Everywhere I go, I see Dart/GF and Trap/IF. Although they have distinct, individual styles, it’s always great to see them up together.

trap dart

dart camp ufo

dart trap

trap dart armer smells

Reason #907 to Love New York


I’m an unabashed fan of the 907 crew, who have been rocking New York with their inventive stylings for over a decade now. If you’re like me and can’t get enough of these guys, I highly recommend a visit to the Robots Will Kill Graffiti Galleries. In the extensive graffiti archive, you’ll find classics by Gen2, Oze108, Muk123, UFO and many many more.

Happy Caturday

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m just one cat shy of being a crazy cat lady (for the record, I have two). While I encourage everyone to do their part to help bring down NYC’s feral cat population, these street cats do just fine on their own:

cern kitty

if cats could fly...

miss luna kitty

elbow-toe's kitty


Can You See Things From the Other Side?

As someone who follows both street art and graffiti with equal interest, I often find myself simultaneously amused yet frustrated by the narrow definitions members of each group employ to label and judge one another’s work. I realize people will have their hardened opinions about what is and isn’t graffiti — I’ll save the tired “art vs. vandalism” discussion for another post — but I personally don’t see things in such black and white terms. Regardless of what medium is used, I am interested in aesthetics: I appreciate the beauty of a skillfully crafted handstyle as much as a masterfully cut stencil.

That having been said, I increasingly find myself most excited by artists who function on the cusp of both the graffiti and street art worlds, artists who are equally accomplished and respected in both worlds and defy conventional classification. I’m sure I will be posting plenty of other examples in the coming months, but one such artist is Canadian artist Other, who recently came through New York.

Like his contemporary Labrona, Other is known for painting freight trains. From a 2008 interview: “Really the best part of my work is coming home with paint all over my clothes and a giant rip in my pants … a good cop chase and a good painting up somewhere on a train or a building … graffiti is the pinnacle … it is the freight hopping of art.

From a stopover in Brooklyn last winter:


While it’s quite likely he graced some NYC freight cars with his black and white figures, he also put up some colorful, painted works on paper:

other souls of my music wornout

other hands feet

For more insight into the work of Other, read his answers to Posterchild’s questions from earlier this year.