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Throwback Thursday: Tilden


While it’s wonderful that MoMA PS1 is bringing it’s art-star-laden Rockaway! exhibition to Fort Tilden this summer, I’d like to point out that Tilden was home to a much more organic, arts movement long before Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc on the Rockaways…

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Droid 907 x CarnageNYC

Sex or Suicide by Droid907
Sex or Suicide by Droid 907

Since his first release in 2011, Carnage has quickly made a name for himself as a purveyor of high quality graffiti zines. Aside from selling his own zines, he also distributes work by like-minded individuals, like the sold out Greetings from Detroit from earlier this year which presented images of Detroit by 5 photographers from New York and California. And now a limited run of Droid 907’s Sex or Suicide is available.

Droid 907's Sex or Suicide
Sex or Suicide by Droid 907

In Sex or Suicide Droid offers us a tantalizing glimpse into a world of sex, drugs and rocking rollers, interspersing stories of drunken encounters under bridges with the soul-baring recollections of a free spirit, photographs and numbered lists of names and phrases.

Sex or Suicide by Droid 907
Sex or Suicide by Droid 907

Carnage will be releasing his next zine, Lost in Shibuya, this coming Saturday, December 14, from 7-9pm at the City Reliquary (with an online release to follow on Monday, December 16). Please support these fine zinemakers.