Munich’s Positive-Propaganda

With my employer’s headquarters based in Munich, I regularly make trips to the Bavarian capital. Though I’m there for work, I always make time to take in some of the local sights. On a visit in September 2014, I was delighted to come across a giant wall by the Berlin-based artist, Kripoe. It was a perfectly serendipitous moment: bleary-eyed, jetlagged and rushing to work for an early morning continuing education session, this wall greeted me as I stepped off the tram outside the office.

kripoe [Read more: Kripoe for Positive-Propaganda]

With a little digging, I discovered this wall was a 2012 joint initiative between Amnesty International and the Munich-based non-profit arts association, Positive-Propaganda, who are “dedicated to establishing contemporary and socio-political art in urban spaces”. Amazingly, they had been able to convince the notoriously aloof artist to paint his first legal wall, titled “Hände hoch für Waffenkontrollel!” (“Hands Up For Gun Control”).

Around the corner, also on the grounds of the Schwere Reiter art center, I came across another Positive-Propaganda wall by the Spanish artist Aryz.

aryz [Read more: Aryz for Positive-Propaganda]

After an absence of two years, I returned to Munich in November 2016 for a 3-day software training. With only a Sunday afternoon of free time at my disposal, I hit the ground running, determined to see the walls Positive-Propaganda had helped produce since my last visit. With walls by Blu, Escif, Ericailcane, and Shepard Fairey, the organization had managed to attract some of the most socially conscious artists active on the streets to their cause. No mean feat in an era of increasingly vapid and purely decorative mural festivals…

blu [Read more: Blu for Positive-Propaganda]

escif [Read more: Escif for Positive-Propaganda]

ericailcane [Read more: Ericailcane for Positive-Propaganda]

obey paint it black [Read more: Shepard Fairey for Positive-Propaganda]

All photos copyright Luna Park. If you enjoy my photos, may I suggest you pick up a copy of my book? ;p

Becki Fuller’s 2010 Top 40

2010 has been yet another crazy year, filled with lots of change, adventure, and as always, fun. The highlight for me was the adoption of my dog Ava, who I consider to be New York’s #1 pit bull street art model. I was also very fortunate in getting to meet and spend time with some really fantastic people, such as ECB, Jef Aerosol, Sweet Toof, Ludo, and Roa, during their stays in the city. My trips to Oaxaca, Art Basel Miami, and getting to see Steve Powers bring his Love Letter project to my hometown of Syracuse were a great way to rounded out the year. After taking a look back on this year, I would like to share some of my favorite photos, people, art & events from 2010 (see Luna Park’s list here).

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Photos include work of: El Mac, Retna, How, Nosm, Aryz, Veng, Themo, Deem, ECB, “Sugar Junkie”, Specter, Sweet Toof, The Dude Company, Ludo, Skewville, C215, Dolk, MOMO, Faile, Swoon, Chris Stain, Joe Iurato, Lapiztola, Dan Witz, Gaia, Elbow Toe, Sofia Maldonado, Shepard Fairey, Steve Powers, Over Under, N D’A, Broken Crow, Cern, Cekis, Jef Aerosol, Cash4, Smells, Rambo, Trusto Corp, White Cocoa, Rime, Swampy, Celso, Nekst, Paul Richard, Goya, Faro, Darkcloud, Sadue, Gen2, UFO, Roa, Cahil Muraghu, Tati, and Kid Acne

How, Nosm and Aryz in Brooklyn

Twin brothers How and Nosm of TATS CRU recently collaborated with Barcelona’s Aryz on some murals in the Bronx as well as the East New York & Williamsburg sections of Brooklyn. See more pictures of their walls around the boroughs (and the world!) on How & Nosm’s Flickr page.


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