Triple Play: Alice Mizrachi

So glad to see more walls painted by my girl Alice Mizrachi!

[Alice Mizrachi – all photos (c) Luna Park]

It’s Ladies Night

Tonight there are a couple of shows happening in the New York area, which I’m happy to say are featuring some of the best established and up-and-coming female artists around.  Check out the “Heat Beaten” show at Pandemic Gallery in Brooklyn for works by the versatile Abby Goodman and Sofia Madlonado, as they say ‘goodbye’ to the summer and ‘hello’ to fall.

And at the Yonkers Riverfront Public Library the all-female collective YOUNITY presents “GODDESShood: Our land is our jewel” an art exhibition featuring 10 artists in conversation with the themes mother earth, the hood and sustainable farming.  All of the artists in the exhibition, Lichiban, Swoon, Sofia Maldonado (a double threat tonight!), Krista Franklin, Marthalicia, Diana McClure, Faith 47, lmnop, Lady Alezia, and Alice Mizrachi, were asked to utilize the idea of the hood as a metaphor for not only local neighborhoods and urban culture, but also land, nature and the natural environment at large.

Welling Court Mural Project 2011


In addition to John Ahearn’s life casting (which I covered in yesterday’s post), Welling Court was frenzy of painting activity on Saturday afternoon, with the number of artists participating in the Welling Court Mural Project over doubeling from last year! Here is a little slice of some of the walls and people that could be seen:

leon reid
Leon Reid IV, Peat Wollagear, Tristan Eaton (photo by Becki Fuller)


Joe Iurato (photo by Becki Fuller)

chris stain

Chris Stain (photo by Becki Fuller)


El Kamino, Alice Mizrachi (photo by Becki Fuller)

Dan Witz

Dan Witz (photo by Becki Fuller)


cycle pink

Cycle, Lady Pink, Free Five (photo by Becki Fuller)



Cern (photo by Becki Fuller)



Fumero (photo by Becki Fuller)


Kati Yamansaki and Caleb Neelon, Beau Stanton, Dark Clouds and Celso (photo by Becki Fuller)


Ezra Li Eismont and Bunnie Reiss (photo by Becki Fuller)

lil mouse

Ezra Li Eismont and Bunnie Reiss (photo by Becki Fuller)



Lopi (photo by Becki Fuller)


Never (photo by Becki Fuller)



Jessie Jones, Sinned (photo by Becki Fuller)


Veng RWK, Over Under, Sophia Maldonado and ROA (photo by Becki Fuller)