Triple Play: Joe Iurato

I’m a big fan of Joe Iurato’s work not only for his crisp & clean stenciling abilities, but also because he understands the importance of good placement. His series of wooden cut-outs – see skater series below – are installed with great care and consideration for their context. More please, Joe.

joe iurato

joe iurato

joe iurato

[Joe Iurato for Bushwick Collective & Welling Court – all photo (c) Luna Park]

Triple Play: False

False has had a steady presence on the streets of New York over the last few years. True … or false?

false emone



[False et all – all photos (c) Luna Park]

Triple Play: Cost x ENX

Cost and his partner ENX have been relentless in their ongoing wheatpasting campaign. They continue to carve out new spots, especially with their highly visible jumbo posters, strategically pasted up high.


enx cost kwolf

zimer wane cost enx

[ENX/Cost/Muk123/False/Bäst, ENX/Cost/KWolf, ENX/Cost/Zimer/Wane – all photos (c) Luna Park]

Triple Play: Kuma

I’d be hard pressed to name a writer who’s been having more fun lately than Kuma. He’s stepped up his game, painting a number of these quirky, individual pieces all over NYC and challenging his fans to track them down.

kuma beach coma

kuma watch this


Game, set, match – Kuma.

[Kuma – all photos (c) Luna Park]

Triple Play: Sweet Toof

After having visited earlier this year, it seems like London-based artist Sweet Toof is back to take another bite out of New York.

yawn sweettoof keely


sweettoof smells cash4

[Yawn/Sweet Toof/Keely, Sweet Toof, Sweet Toof Smells – all photos (c) Luna Park]

Lots more Sweet Toof on the Street Spot!

Triple Play: Curve

With styles for miles, it’s always a pleasure to come across a Curve piece in the wild.

curve snoeman

mosa curve esso

sam3 momo kuma curve obese camel

Bonus *before* shot:

sam3 x momo x kuma x curve x risot

[Curve/Snoeman, Mosa/Curve/Esso, Sam3/Momo/Kuma/Curve/Obese/Camel, Sam3/Momo/Kuma/Curve/Risot – all photos (c) Luna Park]

Triple Play: Graff Trucks

Short of seeing graffiti on trains, graff trucks are the next best thing.

noxer 3ess



[Noxer/3ess, Sebs, and Trixter trucks in Brooklyn – all photos (c) Luna Park]

Bonus: Classic Combo: Box Trucks & Graffiti

Throwback Thursday: Revs

I’m sad to say that the Revs pieces below are but three of a number of pieces that were recently stolen from the streets…

fuckin revs

windows where there once were none


[Revs – all photos (c) Luna Park]

Triple Play: Dan Witz

Although his NY Hardcore show at Jonathan Levine just closed, Dan Witz continues to regularly exhibit on the streets of New York.

dan witz

dan witz grey

dan witz

[Dan Witz in Brooklyn – all photos (c) Luna Park]

Triple Play: Shok1

London-based aerosol artist Shok1 recently treated New York to three variations on his X-rainbow series.




[Shok1 for LISA Project, Bushwick Collective, and Welling Court – all photos (c) Luna Park]