Interview on Brooklyn Street Art


Head over to Brooklyn Street Art for an interview about my new book, (Un)Sanctioned: The Art on New York Streets, and my thoughts on photographing street art and graffiti.

I’d be happy to continue the conversation with you in person at my book launch this Saturday, October 22! A limited supply of books will be on sale for a special book launch price.

Book Launch & Ad Hoc Art 10 Year Anniversary Show:
October 22, 2016, 6:00-10:00pm
17 Frost Theater of the Arts, 17 Frost Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Much love to Steve and Jaime for the support!

Announcing… (Un)Sanctioned: The Art on New York Streets

Layout 1I’m very proud to announce my first book, (Un)Sanctioned: The Art on New York Streets, the culmination of a decade of obsessively keeping up with NYC graffiti and street art. (Un)Sanctioned presents a photographic overview of art found on NYC streets, covering a vast spectrum of styles, mediums and techniques, running the gamut from illicit handstyles to guerilla sculptural installations to full-blown production murals done with permission. The 192 page hardcover volume, published by the UK’s Carpet Bombing Culture, is set to be released October 28. (Un)Sanctioned includes an introduction by art critic Hrag Vartanian, an essay by yours truly, and contributions from artists Elbow-Toe, Leon Reid IV, Jordan Seiler, Garrison and Alison Buxton, and Fade.

big-adhoc-xA book launch and signing will take place in conjunction with the 10 Years of Ad Hoc Art anniversary exhibition at 17 Frost Gallery on October 22.

(Un)Sanctioned: The Art on New York Streets
Release date: October 28, 2016
Publisher: Carpet Bombing Culture
ISBN: 978-1-908211-33-0
Price: $29.95

Book Launch: October 22, 2016, 6:00-10:00pm
Location: 17 Frost Theater of the Arts, 17 Frost Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

New work from: 907 Crew

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Luna Park’s Favorites for 2015

For me personally 2015 marked a year when things got real and everything – including documenting street art & graffiti and most definitely blogging – was put on the back burner. Nevertheless here’s a small selection of artworks, places and moments that resonated with me this year.

top 40 for 2015

My thanks and gratitude for all the love and support these past months…

ECB in Brooklyn

ECB (photo by Luna Park)
ECB (photo by Luna Park)

German artist Hendrik ‘ECB’ Beikirch has painted in Bushwick with and as part of Robots Will Kill for many years. A recent return visit was inspiration to look back in my archive for photos of past work painted – these images stretch back to 2008.

ECB w/ChrisRWK & Veng (photo by Luna Park)
ECB (photo by Luna Park)
ECB (photo by Luna Park)
ECB (photo by Luna Park)
ECB (photo by Luna Park)
ECB (photo by Luna Park)
ECB in front of his work (photo by Luna Park)
ECB (photo by Luna Park)
ECB (photo by Luna Park)
ECB (photo by Luna Park)
ECB (photo by Luna Park)
ECB (photo by Luna Park)
ECB (photo by Luna Park)
ECB (photo by Luna Park)

Read Becki’s excellent interview with ECB from 2010 here.

( ( ( EKG ♥ NYC ) ) )

Photo by Mag3 @mag_three


Valentine’s Day tops my list of saccharine Hallmark holidays that suck. When my good friend EKG shared his plans to put on a dark, Valentine’s Eve extravaganza, I knew his idea would resonate with many people:

“The EKG♥NYC exhibition installation is a silhouette of an abstraction of our cityscape constructed of everyday objects painted black and orange: a metaphor for human resonance manifested on the corporeal plane and the wafting misty sparking static of the Aetherial Semiotosphere that electrifies the space between the physical and the mental, consisting of an aspirational architecture of spires and grids; a wireframe conglomeration of modular three-dimensional schematics; an energizing iconographic display of orange resonance, wraiths, chimeras, apparitions, projections, illuminations, emanations, vibrations, palpitations, oscillations, transmissions, frequencies, broadcasts, signals, ripples, waves, pulses, blips; an uplifting experience broadcast through radars, tridents, buttons, balloons, stickers, t-shirts, zines, prints, patches, flags, drawings, paintings.”

Sound designer Jefferson Wells will also strike some chords at the opening. Come for the mutant cityscape, stay for the dronecore – it promises to be a very metal way to ring in the weekend.

( ( ( EKG ♥ NYC ) ) )
An All Hallows’ Valentine’s Eve Celebration of Misfit Love, Mutant Science and Aesthetic Rebellion.

Opening: Friday, February 13, 6-10pm
Viewing hours: February 14 & 15, 12-6pm. February 16-28 by appointment.
Location: Skewville Laboratories, 35-18 37th Street (btwn 36th & 35th Aves), Long Island City, Queens, NYC.
Transit: R/M trains to “Steinway” stop; or N/Q trains to “36th Avenue” stop.