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Project M/3 in Berlin

Martha Cooper for Project M/3 at Urban Nation Berlin (photo by Luna Park)

Martha Cooper for Project M/3 at Urban Nation Berlin (photo by Luna Park)

After an exhilarating and inspiring week in Berlin, I was very pleased to be on hand to document the third iteration of Urban Nation‘s Project M, curated by Nuart‘s Martyn Reed. I’ll be posting more images from Berlin here on The Street Spot soon, but in the meantime, you can check out some of the installations for Project M/3 over on Brooklyn Street Art.

TONIGHT: Join Mint & Serf and BSA at District 36


Power To The People: The Street Art of Lapiztola


When my friend Jaime Rojo of Brooklyn Street Art heard that I was going to the Mexican city of Oaxaca for vacation, one of the first suggestions that he made to me was to look up the street art collective Lapiztola. Prior to our conversation, I had never thought of Oaxaca as having much in the way of street art, but thinking more about it, it makes a lot of sense. Oaxaca is a state know to revere its native cultures and crafts, has produced many notable contemporary painters, and it’s history of political unrest and protest has made for a fertile street art environment .



In fact, the Lapiztola collective formed during a political uprising that took place in Oaxaca during a seven month period of time in 2006. It began with teachers’ strikes and extended into a wider revolt and open confrontation with the Mexican state in protest of political corruption and acts of repression. Lapiztola, the name itself a telling play on the Spanish word lapiz (pencil) and pistola (pistol), took action to support the people’s movement by bringing their politically charged art to the streets. In a great interview with Jeffrey Pena of Curbs and Stoops, the collective talks more about the influence of the uprising and of the government in general on their art work.



Two members of the collective, Roberto & Rosario, were kind enough to meet up with me while I was in Oaxaca to discuss street art, graffiti and politics over a couple of beers and to give me a tour of their studio. The work of Lapiztola typically combines more graphic, repetitive elements in the form of silk screening with a stencil overlay used to illustrate more immediate elements. Their work appears to frequently explore themes of freedom and captivity, innocence and violence, and the power of the individual vs the government, all with a reverence for Mexican culture and heritage. Sometimes the meaning behind a piece of work may be more subtle than it is at other times, but the images are always strong & powerful.












And though we have not seen much of their work here in New York, they have maintained a very busy schedule participating in shows around Mexico, South America, and Europe. Hopefully in the near future we will have a chance to welcome them here! Until then, if you are interested in buying artwork from Lapiztola, I found several prints available on the Just Seeds website, reasonably priced at $50 each. To see more of their work, check out the Lapiztola blog.

The Street Spot interviewed by Brooklyn Street Art

Today, Steve and Jaime of Brooklyn Street Art published Part I of a two part interview with street art photographer Stephan Kloo as well as Luna Park and Becki Fuller of The Street Spot. We are humbled and honored to have been asked to provide our opinions and insights into the importance and relevance of the photographers who document, support, and follow street art and the artists who make it. We hope that you will check it out and enjoy the interview as much as we enjoyed giving it!

Jaime Rojo & Steven P. Harrington Book Signing Event TONIGHT!

Spoonbill and Sugartown Booksellers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn will be hosting a book signing event for Jaime Rojo and Steven P. Harrington, authors of Street Art New York, tonight at 7:00 pm. Ever the perfect hosts, our gentlemen friends will be serving up beer and wine for their friends and supporters to cool off and wind down with. We hope to see you there!

I’m Ready For My Close-Up

Fresh off of his participation in the highly successful Brooklyn Street Art organized benefit auction for Free Arts NYC, I’ve noticed several new Dain pieces on the streets of Brooklyn. Here is a personal favorite, which I am choosing to believe is a playful wink back at street art photographers:

Dain (photo by Becki Fuller)

Dain (photo by Becki Fuller)

Save the Date: Book Launch & Silent Auction


Street Art New York: BSA Goes Beyond Brooklyn


The Street Spot is happy and excited to announce the upcoming April release of the book Street Art New York, from our hard working friends Steven Harrington and Jaime Rojo of Brooklyn Street Art.


Street Art New York gets off to a soaring start, with an eloquent foreword from the always witty and on-point cultural journalist & blogger Carolina Miranda. Jaime, a photographer whose honest love of art and beauty shows through in every picture that he takes, expands his mad dash for street art beyond the borough of Brooklyn (as featured in his first collaborative publication with Harrington) to the greater NY area. The result is a vibrant virtual who’s who of street art, featuring approximately 200 images of internationally renowned artists including C215, Os Gemeos, Judith Supine, Skewville, Herakut, Banksy, Nick Walker, and Armsrock. With Street Art New York, our authors prove once again why they have earned a reputation as passionate and discerning curators of the urban arts in galleries, on the streets, and in print. This book is a must have for anyone with a serious interest in what is happening in street art today.