Let Us Have Cake


It’s always a pleasure to stumble across one of Cake’s lovely pieces, this one tucked away in some bushes on an overgrown Brooklyn side street, her delicate features seeking refuge from the relentless sun.

You can find a recent interview with Cake on the Untitled page.

Robots Will Kill w/Flying Fortress


Germany’s Flying Fortress was recently Stateside again for a July solo show at Long Island’s Genuine Artikle Gallery. If you’re a fan of the Teddy Troops, there are still items available here.

While in New York, Fortress hit a couple walls with good friends Veng and Chris of Robots Will Kill.

rwk w/flying fortress

Your Summer READing


If you follow New York City street art and graffiti, there’s one name you can’t ignore: READ. His annual trips leave a highly legible trail each time he hits New York: stickers, tags, rollers and pieces, he does them all with admirable style.

READ all about it on a wall near you.

katsu read

reader freight

Os Gemeos are back in town!

6:30pm wednesday

As soon as I heard word that the Os Gemeos had been tapped by Deitch (home of the twin’s stellar exhibition in New York last summer) to paint a mural in place of the Keith Haring tribute, I knew I had to make my way down to the corner of Houston and the Bowery as soon as possible. This is the mural in progress near the end of the second day of painting. I suppose it will take several days to finish and – like the rest of the global street art community – I am on the edge of my seat in anticipation of seeing this completed!