Announcing… (Un)Sanctioned: The Art on New York Streets

Layout 1I’m very proud to announce my first book, (Un)Sanctioned: The Art on New York Streets, the culmination of a decade of obsessively keeping up with NYC graffiti and street art. (Un)Sanctioned presents a photographic overview of art found on NYC streets, covering a vast spectrum of styles, mediums and techniques, running the gamut from illicit handstyles to guerilla sculptural installations to full-blown production murals done with permission. The 192 page hardcover volume, published by the UK’s Carpet Bombing Culture, is set to be released October 28. (Un)Sanctioned includes an introduction by art critic Hrag Vartanian, an essay by yours truly, and contributions from artists Elbow-Toe, Leon Reid IV, Jordan Seiler, Garrison and Alison Buxton, and Fade.

big-adhoc-xA book launch and signing will take place in conjunction with the 10 Years of Ad Hoc Art anniversary exhibition at 17 Frost Gallery on October 22.

(Un)Sanctioned: The Art on New York Streets
Release date: October 28, 2016
Publisher: Carpet Bombing Culture
ISBN: 978-1-908211-33-0
Price: $29.95

Book Launch: October 22, 2016, 6:00-10:00pm
Location: 17 Frost Theater of the Arts, 17 Frost Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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Luna Park

graffiti + street art aficionada, photographer, documentarian, librarian, cat lady

8 thoughts on “Announcing… (Un)Sanctioned: The Art on New York Streets”

    1. Thanks, Steve! It’s been a long time coming & I couldn’t be happier. It’s available to pre-order via Amazon – or via the bookseller of your preference once it’s released.

  1. This is great Katherine, congratulations! I’d come to the opening if I were there. I hope it’ll be a full success. And I’ll see if I can get this book here, either for us or even my school library. All the best 😊

    1. Thanks, Caroline!! You should be able to order the book in Germany via the ISBN? If not, let me know – I’ll be in Freiburg around Christmas.

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