Recent Works by Cern

Cern x Cekis (photo by Luna Park)
Cern x Cekis (photo by Luna Park)

It’s always a pleasure to photograph Cern‘s work… here’s a selection of some murals painted around New York this year. His colorful flora and fauna (kitties!!) always put a smile on my face.

Cern (photo by Luna Park)
Cern (photo by Luna Park)
Cern (photo by Luna Park)
Cern (photo by Luna Park)
Cern  (photo by Luna Park)
Cern (photo by Luna Park)

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6 thoughts on “Recent Works by Cern”

  1. On Friday I took the newly-published “Walking Queens” book (by Adrienne Onofri) with me on a walk through Astoria. (I’m a big fan of her Brooklyn book.) The route took me right by the Welling Court Mural Project, but it surprisingly wasn’t mentioned. Perhaps she wanted to leave it as a surprise, perhaps the chapter was written before the project started. Don’t really know. But the Cern work was a true highlight.

    1. Hi Frank! Thanks for mentioning the “Walking Queens” book – I love a good walk & look forward to checking it out. The Welling Court Mural Project was initiated in 2010, so I can’t imagine the author not having come across it in her research for the book…

      1. I think it’s a question of when she sold the proposal, formulated the walk, and publishing schedules. With 30 walks, Astoria might have been an easy “quick hit” to get done early. I don’t know. I certainly encountered obsolescence in her Brooklyn book (Fort Hamilton couldn’t be walked through). Places from your notes which have vanished over time are easier to check on the Internet than places which have cropped up.

        If I had your snail mail I’d send you both of her books. Brooklyn is that good, and Queens is promising.

        Chicago (by another author) was also great, but not so much.

        1. Given the rapid rate at which New York is being “developed”, you’d think getting a location-specific book out on time would be a priority… but who knows. Maybe she just doesn’t like graffiti?! 😉

  2. Also: do you know who did the dripping woman praying on Welling Court itself? I thought it was the most curious (style-wise) of all I saw. So much was splendid, but this was one of the most new to me in a stylistic sense.

    1. I haven’t been out to Welling Court since the summer, so I’m not sure… new murals go up year-round. But judging by your description, I’m gonna guess the dripping woman might be by Fernando Dasic?

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