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Visitors to Jersey City and surrounding Hudson County, NJ will have noticed that more than a dozen murals have sprung up in the last two years. These large-scale murals – produced by international visitors (Pixel Pancho, Case, Alice to name a few) as well as local favorites (LNY, Mataruda, Li Hill, Mr. Mustart, and more) – are the fruit of Savage Habbit’s labor. Having exhausted their own financial resources, Savage Habbit now turns to you, the art-appreciating public, to help support the production of the next cycle of murals. Please consider making a modest donation to their Savage Habbit Murals Project Kickstarter – it’s already 40% funded, so your contribution can make an enormous difference. It’s simple: all funds go directly towards purchasing paint and supplies to make more murals happen.

pixel pancho

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