Mr. Boy


“That which does not kill us makes us stronger,” said Nietzsche. Life-altering injuries work similarly, pulling not just the injured but also their loved ones into the tumultuous aftermath. What do you do when your feet have literally been wiped out from under you? How do you find your way back to yourself? How do you escape the pain-pill fueled nightmare of fear, rage and darkness? Reality dissolves and perceptions change. You will never be the same. But though bones break easily and incisions run deep, kindred spirits run deeper. With Mr. Boy, a show of highly personal and enigmatic small works by Peter Carroll and Katherine Lorimer (aka Laser Burners and yours truly), the pair put the bleak events of the past year behind them. Their mutual love for graffiti is a strong undercurrent in the work, but it’s hardly the sole source of inspiration. Unleashed over a sprawling mosaic of over one hundred, unique, square tiles, Mr. Boy reflects an insight into the people, places and memories that make life worth living…

Mr. Boy: Small Works by Laser Burners & Luna Park
Opening: Thursday, February 7, 2013, 6:00-10:00pm
On view 4:00pm-4:00am daily through February 20.
Tender Trap
245 South First Street
Btw Roebling & Havemeyer
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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Luna Park

graffiti + street art aficionada, photographer, documentarian, librarian, cat lady