In the Studio with Leon Reid IV

Draft P (all photos by Luna Park)

Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time with Leon Reid IV in his studio. He’s in the midst of fabricating his 100 Story House, which he hopes to install in a Brooklyn park sometime later this summer. Before I left, Leon made a get-well piece for my partner, Peter, who recently broke his hip. Here’s how he made it, from start to finish. Thanks, Leon!!

Leon starts cutting out the P with a torch.
Sparks fly as the flame cuts through metal.
With a well-practiced hand, Leon expertly completes the first cuts.
The outline of the P takes shape.
Leon applies a final burst of heat to cut out the center of the P.
The molten center of the P glows from the heat.
The hot P is dunked into a bucket of cold water.
Slag has formed along the edge of the P.
Leon chisels the slag off the back of the P.
Any remaining rough edges are polished off with a grinder.
Leon cuts a base for the P with an angle grinder.
Leon employs a MIG welder to fuse the P onto the base.
One last tack and the weld is complete.
The P takes a final, cooling dip in water.
Leon and the finished P!
Yo, P, feel better soon!

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