The Street Spot’s Foster Dog Is Looking For A Good, Loving Home!

Recently I took on a foster dog, a beautiful blue/grey Amstaff mix named Nelson.  Despite being as sweet as he is handsome, Nelson had apparently overstayed his welcome at the city’s AC&C and was scheduled to be killed when I stepped in to buy this deserving guy a little more time.  He is now looking for a permanent home that can offer him the love and training that he needs.

So, here are some of the necessary details on my buddy Nelson:

“Nelson is a handsome 1y M Blue/Grey Amstaff mix who must have a long haired dog in his family tree (some have suggested that he is part Weimaraner). He is healthy looking and lean, with a thick & shiny coat. Gorgeous soft gray eyes complete the picture of a very attractive dog. He is a sweet, energetic, confident & very open boy who sleeps belly up and loves to run, play, give kisses and cuddle. He is still a pup, so his training is a work in progress. But he has come a long way since being pulled from a city shelter’s kill list last month, learning several commands, how to walk without pulling on the leash and becoming house trained. He is strong and would benefit from a firm but kind & patient owner who will help him to grow into the loving, well-behaved adult dog he is destined to be. Anyone who gives this handsome fellow a chance will be greatly rewarded with all of the love, kisses and cuddles they can handle!”

I’ll be honest and tell you that he is a bit of a handful!  This is not exactly unusual for a dog of his age and breed, but he definitely needs a strong and capable owner and would likely do best with a male. As you can see from the pictures, he gets along very well with my other pit mix Ava and he seems very friendly (if not a bit over friendly!) with other dogs on the street.  I don’t think that he would do too well with cats, but since I don’t have one, I can’t say for sure.  But really, he is all sweetness and muscles!

If you would consider adopting Nelson, and would like to meet him, please send me an e-mail at

And please, if you can’t adopt a dog yourself, pass this on or share it with someone who may be able to. Nelson definitely deserves better than he has gotten out of life so far and you could be the one to help him get it!

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