In Situ: Graffuturism Miami

Rae Martini x Geso (photo by Luna Park)

I am a huge fan and devoted reader of the Graffuturism site. It showcases the work of a cadre of talented, international artists – many with deep roots in the graffiti community – who strive to take graffiti in a new direction. To me, this is what 21st century modern art looks like. These are walls that bear repeated viewing to fully appreciate their style and craftsmanship. To put it all in context, the site’s A Look at Graffiti’s Evolution and Progression, an insightful two-part series of interviews with some of the leading artists at the forefront of the movement, is well worth a read – do yourself a favor and click on through now.

West One x Remi/Rough & LX One x Matt W Moore & Poesia (photo by Luna Park)

Going down to Miami for Art Basel this year, I particularly looked forward to seeing In Situ, the Graffuturism show curated by Poesia. The outdoor murals in Wynwood’s Kohn Compound featured stunning new work by Aaron de la Cruz, Andrew Young, Bam, Eric Haze, Geso, Greg Lamarche, Jurne, Kema, Kofie, LX One, Mare 139, Matt W. Moore, Poesia, Rae Martini, Remi/Rough, Sueme, and West One.

Geso X Greg Lamarche x Aaron de la Cruz x Mare139 (photo by Luna Park)

In his forward to the site’s extensive photo recap of the event, Haze writes, “Not only do I believe this project speaks loudly for where anything considered “the movement” is at or heading, but it also transcended the usual geo-politics at work in both the art and graffiti worlds in a rare and significant way.” Hear, hear.

Andrew Young x Sueme (photo by Luna Park)
Jurne x Kema (photo by Luna Park)
Kofie x Bam x Rae Martini (photo by Luna Park)

Congrats to Poesia for realizing this project in Miami and for continuing to offer us an inspiring feast of visual stimulation via his site.

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