Too Fly Gives El Moderno a Facelift

Too Fly (photo by Becki Fuller)

Sadly, I won’t be making it back to Mexico for el Día de los Muertos this year, but celebrating from home just got a little bit easier with the addition of Too Fly’s new mural to my favorite local Mexican restaurant.  Dolk’s piece was nice while it lasted, but lately that wall has definitely been in need of a make-over.  Suddenly my Pollo Al Mole Poblano and $3 happy hour margaritas just got a whole lot more festive!

Too Fly (photo by Becki Fuller)
Too Fly (photo by Becki Fuller)

3 thoughts on “Too Fly Gives El Moderno a Facelift”

  1. It took less than a week for this mural to get tagged in multiple places. This is a tough wall since it gets so much traffic from the exit/entrance to the L and the G.

    1. Given it’s prime location, it’s bound to continue to be tagged… they buffed around the Dolk piece that used to be on that wall more times than I can remember, but it still got tagged. Comes with the territory…

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