Spreading Love to Downtown Brooklyn One Letter At A Time

ESPO Love Letters (photo by Luna Park)

I made a quick trip to Downtown Brooklyn early this morning to see the progress on ESPO’s newest Love Letters. Head on over to WYNC for the lowdown (plus a quote from yours truly). We’ll keep you posted when the project is complete.

ESPO (photo by Luna Park)
ESPO Love Letters in progress (photo by Luna Park)

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3 thoughts on “Spreading Love to Downtown Brooklyn One Letter At A Time”

  1. Hey Luna.
    Someone forwarded me an article that a wall I did in Brooklyn “back in the day” is included in a tour you do. Thanks for the props! Wish it was a better piece…..lol.
    Peace to you and your loved ones,
    http://www.zephyrgraffiti.com (Sorry. A bit of shameless self promotion. Whaddaya expect from a graffiti writer???)

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