Aidan Has A Posse

Earlier this week, EWOKONE unveiled a very special new print to benefit our friend, Aidan THE RULER!!!  Six year old Aidan was recently diagnosed with a rare brain disease called Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) and is currently undergoing treatment and searching for a bone marrow donor.  Luckily, Aidan is as tough as he is sweet, so we’re sure that he’s going through pull through all of this – but not without the love and support of his posse!

This print is a limited series of 100 and will only be available on Thursday, August 11th at The Music Hall of Williamsburg, where the band Buckcherry will play a benefit concert for Aidan.  So come out, support a great little kid, and go home with a print that not only shows you have great taste in art, but that you also have a big heart.

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