The Great Outdoors: Saturday, May 8th from 6-8

Aside from the M-City and Dolk opening at the Brooklynite Gallery this Saturday, there is one more not-to-miss opening at the Woodward Gallery. The Great Outdoors explores the inspirational effect and cultural exchange that occurs when art intended for the unprotected elements is taken and placed in an indoor-gallery setting. It features some of street art’s finest names: Royce Bannon, Darkcloud, Michael De Feo, El Celso, LA II, Kenji Nakayama, Neck Face, Lady Pink, Matt Siren, Stikman, and Swoon.

Note that this opening starts an hour before Brooklynite does, so there is definitely time to catch both!

Great Outdoors

Woodward Gallery
133 Eldridge St, New York, NY